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June 2012 Archives

New paternity test can ID father within 8 weeks of a pregnancy

Some Missouri residents might be interested to learn of a new test that allows an expectant mother to learn the identity of the father of her baby within the first eight weeks of her pregnancy. This new testing technology is the first of its kind non-invasive blood test that allows paternity to be established so early in a pregnancy. According to reports, more than half of all births are to unmarried women under the age of 30.

More Missouri grandpas taking on the role of dad with grandkids

This past Father's Day saw more Missouri and U.S. grandfathers taking on the role of single dad to their grandkids, according to recent U.S. Census figures. A recent story about four such Missouri grandkids brings a topic that many grandparents can relate to. Census figures show that 5.8 million or more children under the age of 18 throughout the country live in a household headed by one or more grandparent.

Missouri - should a veteran's disability pay go towards alimony?

That is the question being asked around the country in a national movement headed by the veteran advocacy group Operation Firing For Effect. The group is dedicated to advocating for veterans to protect or improve the benefits, services and entitlements earned by members of the United States armed services. The group's goal is to prevent a veteran's disability pay from being taken away in divorce court, said a veteran. To have to fight in a war and then come back to fight for your hard-earned benefits just is not right.
The veteran, who is currently going through a divorce and is fighting to keep his disability benefits from being considered as income and thus considered marital property subject to property division laws agrees with the organization's stand. Some state courts have used a veteran's disability pay in calculating alimony and spousal support payments, but Operation Firing For Effect doesn't think the justice system should use a veteran's disability pay for alimony payments.

Missouri man loses child custody in State Supreme Court ruling

Imagine you find out you are a father seven years after your girlfriend gives birth, but you later find you have no parental rights under another state's laws because you 'waited too long' to establish a parental relationship. In a rather strange fathers' rights story, a St. Louis, Missouri, man has been denied custody of his 12-year-old daughter by the Supreme Court of another state in a ruling that overturned a lower district court ruling giving the Missouri father custody of his daughter.