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July 2012 Archives

Bill that would have expanded stepparents' rights is vetoed

A bill that passed the Missouri Legislature this past session was intended to extend parental rights to non-biological parents. The legislation would have given visitation rights and child custody rights to parents who have established a substantial relationship with a child. The purpose of this legislation was to provide non-biological parents with the same rights that a blood relative would have. It recognized that there are many life changes that could occur in a family that could require a non-biological parent to step in and play an influential role in raising a child.

Be sure you don't cross the line from civility to carelessness

When many people divorce these days, often the refrain is "keep it simple." Whether it's for the sake of the children, for financial reasons or for the sake of disrupting people's lives as little as possible, sometimes people think that easier is better. And by easier, it means conceding on issues for the sake of brevity that someone otherwise might find be inclined to fight tooth and nail.

Embattled coach now facing an off-the-field divorce battle

When a financially well-off couple in Missouri gets divorced, it can be difficult to divvy up assets and property when multiple residences are involved -- especially when a couple has been married for a number of years, a high asset divorce can get complicated. Longer marriages give a couple more time to acquire joint marital property, which may include not only real estate but also monetary assets such as a 401(k) and joint bank accounts. Such is the case for NFL coach Sean Payton, who is filing for divorce from his wife of almost 20 years. Payton's wife filed a counter petition in the matter shortly thereafter. The couple have two children together, ages 15 and 12, and they live primarily in the suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas. The family moved there in 2011 after spending five years in Louisiana, where Payton is a Super Bowl-winning head coach of the New Orleans Saints.

Epic divorce and child custody battle brewing in the Big Apple!

No doubt Missouri resident have heard the news, TomKat is no more. Katie Holmes divorcing her husband Tom Cruise. The media is ripe with speculation about a prenuptial agreement, reason for the divorce and why the divorce was filed anonymously and in a different state than the couple resided. Reports vary on how much Ms. Holmes is expected to earn from the prenuptial agreement, which has not been made public in its entirety, however this is sure to be one high-asset divorce case.