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August 2012 Archives

Missouri T-bone accident critically injures 3 people

In the blink of an eye, lives can be changed for the worse when a simple car drive turns into a dangerous T-bone accident. Few people expect to find their lives in danger when simply traveling on city streets. However, a Missouri T-bone accident recently put three people in critical condition after two cars collided. The accident took place on a Sunday afternoon and totaled both cars, not to mention seriously injuring several people.

Study: More focus on kids yields less fighting for ex-spouses

According to a recent study conducted at the University of Missouri, ex-spouses who focus on the needs of their children, rather than on their own differences, put less stress on their children and themselves. The study highlighted the fact that parents should pay attention to the feelings of the children involved, which made child custody arrangements flow much more smoothly. About half of the ex-spouses surveyed in the study reported working amicably together while half reported continuous problems with the ex-spouse over visitation. Of the ex-spouses who worked well together, most reported that they had begun the divorce process with animosity between the parties. However, according to the study, half of these spouses saw how harmful this was to the children and modified their behavior toward each other.

Man and woman face Missouri meth drug charges

Drug charges can seriously impact those individuals who find themselves facing such criminal allegations. Drug crimes can bring about serious penalties including significant jail time, especially in cases of alleged drug trafficking. A 31-year-old female and 34-year-old male recently found themselves in legal trouble with authorities after being discovered in an alleged mobile meth lab.

Prosecution for parental kidnapping raises custody issues

Missouri residents may have seen media coverage of the case of the pastor who is accused of helping a woman flee the country with her child in violation of a family court order granting visitation to the woman's ex-partner, also female. The defense has raised some interesting questions regarding child custody determinations in same-sex partnership dissolution, and the result could possibly strengthen or weaken the position of same-sex, non-custodial parents in regard to enforcement of visitation rights in the future.

University of Missouri senior dies in recent crash

A young man who would have been a senior this fall at the University of Missouri died recently from the injuries he sustained in a two-car crash. The accident also took the life of a 50-year-old man.

Legendary singer Wonder files for divorce after 11-year marriage

The famous singer Stevie Wonder filed for divorce earlier this month from his wife of 11 years. Wonder cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of their separation. The pair married on September 1, 2001, and have two children ages 10 and 7. In his petition, Wonder indicated that he would seek joint custody and agreed to child support payments for the children. While Hollywood divorces are by no means unusual, it is more common to see breakups among the entertainment set after only a few years of marriage. In many cases, entertainers struggle with special marital issues, and it is not uncommon for actors and musicians to grow distant from spouses as travel and job assignments keep them apart. The spotlight of constant media attention can also cause marital friction and stress.

Despite custody deal, Cruise and Holmes remain spotlight

The recent divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has taken the nation's attention, as we have written about on this blog. Celebrity watchers are fascinated with the child custody agreements that the two parties have come up with for their daughter Suri. Some of the stories have been particularly harsh, questioning Cruise's ability as a parent.

Katy Perry's divorce from Russell Brand is final

Missouri residents may be interested to learn that the end of the marriage of Katy Perry and Russell Brand has officially arrived. The couple's divorce became final six months after the parties reached a divorce settlement in February. Unlike many celebrity couples, Perry and Brand have had a remarkably amicable divorce. Although both stars have considerable assets and income, especially Perry, the parties never entered into a prenuptial agreement.