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September 2012 Archives

Missouri residents face drug charges in separate raids

Drug charges can greatly impact the lives of those who are accused of such criminal allegations. They can also lead to serious penalties if a conviction is obtained. Two Missouri residents are now facing drug charges after police executed two search warrants at their respective residences. Authorities allege that they confiscated illegal drugs including heroin, marijuana and crack cocaine in the searches.

Estranged wife battles drug charges, regains child visitation

After being accused of drug possession and child abuse charges, the estranged wife of California's state treasurer has won back visitation rights to her 9-year-old son. The treasurer's estranged spouse had allegedly been found in possession of methamphetamine in her home, where she was staying with her son. An Orange County judge has directed that the woman be allowed to meet with her children the presence of the child's father. The suspect has temporary rights to speak to the boy on the phone too. The modification will take effect until the court is satisfied with the suspect's rehabilitation progress although it is not clear whether prosecutors are willing to push for child custody proceedings. For now, the boy will stay under his father's legal custody, but it is not clear whether the father will be filing for divorce.

Father allegedly abducts kids, sails away on yacht

Emotions run high in a child custody case, particularly when there are allegations of abuse or other maltreatment. Occasionally, this can lead to one parent taking matters into his or her own hands. Just such a case occurred recently in California when a man allegedly took his two children and absconded with them on a yacht.

Truck driver convicted in 2009 fatal accident

Tractor-trailers can make Missouri drivers uneasy not only because of their size but also because of some of the cargo they carry. Seeing that a large piece of cargo is only held onto a truck by straps that other drivers hope are secure could make anyone nervous. Everyone sharing the road with an 18-wheeler depends on the driver to make sure their truck, their cargo, and their driving are safe. Avoiding a truck accident should be the first priority of every semi driver on the road.

Missouri man charged with rape of 13-year-old girl

Missouri law makes it a crime to have sex with another individual who is under the age of 14. It is a first degree felony, and the penalties for conviction are severe. The potential ramifications of even being accused of a crime like statutory rape go far beyond any possible jail time. Anyone charged with this crime will likely carry the stigma of the accusation for life.

Kelsey Grammer, ex-wife see marriage assets split evenly

Celebrity couples, when they divorce, often fall into two camps: those who have prenuptial agreements and those who don't. This is especially true when one member of the couple is famous (and, in general, wealthy) and the other is not. Two famous actors might each come out OK were they to divorce each other, but a famous actor and his or her relatively anonymous spouse might leave the spouse relatively shut out without some kind of premarital agreement in place.

Missouri officer-involved motorcycle accidents can be difficult

Motorcycle accidents can often lead to catastrophic injuries and even death, especially when other vehicles are involved. It can seem even more tragic for family members when fatal motorcycle accidents also involve police officers. We tend to view law enforcement personnel as protectors of the public welfare and don't necessarily expect them to be involved in fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, one Missouri resident was recently killed when a sheriff's deputy struck his motorcycle from behind.

4 Missouri residents face felony charges for alleged abuse of horses

Four adults are facing felony charges stemming from alleged abuse against five quarter horses. The group of people who face the felony charges reportedly trespassed on a property where the four horses were kept while the owner was away. Upon her return, she apparently noticed gashes spread out across the horses' bodies. That was evidently when the Missouri woman decided to camp out on her property with the goal of discovering exactly what was happening to her animals.

Couple saves time with pre-divorce property division settlement

Divorces can become contentious and drawn out as parties battle over the valuation of property and property division. The parents of NBA player Kris Humphries avoided turning their divorce into a battle by agreeing to a property division before the start of the divorce action. When Debra Humphries filed for divorce from her husband after 27 years of marriage, one of the documents her attorney filed with the court was the fully signed agreement resolving all property division issues and all but assuring the couple of a smooth divorce. This is in contrast to their son, whose ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian continues to make headlines.