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October 2012 Archives

Some fatal Missouri truck accidents impossible to predict

In what appears to be a freak accident, a diner patron who always sat in the same booth has lost his life after a tractor-trailer plowed into the restaurant. Truck accidents like this one may be impossible to predict, but what seems certain is that a family is now left behind to mourn the loss of their loved one. The man's son, who works for a Missouri city's police department, said that he immediately knew that his dad had been injured when he heard about the accident.

Man killed in recent Missouri motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are often by their very nature extremely dangerous for the simple reason that motorcyclists and their passengers are not enclosed like the occupants of other motor vehicles. In collisions with vehicles like cars and trucks, motorcyclists are often seriously injured while operating a motorcycle. A man recently lost his life in one such Missouri motorcycle accident.

Missouri man faces white collar crime charges of felony fraud

While white collar crimes can often seem less serious in nature than violent actions such as assault or rape, the truth is that allegations of theft or fraud can also lead to significant jail time if a conviction is ultimately obtained. One former Missouri mayor has been charged with felony fraud stemming from the man's alleged use of city funds and credit for personal items. He is now facing prosecution for four felony counts of fraud and resigned his post as mayor in July.

Columbia father gets jail time for taking son from school

A Columbia, Missouri, man who ran from police after illegally taking his son from school in February 2011 was sentenced recently to six months in the Boone County Jail for interference of child custody. The charges stemmed from an incident that began when the man picked up his child from elementary school despite a court order forbidding him from having unsupervised contact with his son. The father had not sought permission from the mother before taking the child. The father and son were eventually found at a residence in Saline County, Missouri, where police discovered the boy in good health. However, the father fled, leaving the boy behind, and was arrested by police at a later time.

Missouri man charged with possessing child pornography

Being charged with Internet sex crimes like child pornography can have a devastating impact on a Missouri resident's life. One Missouri man is learning this firsthand after authorities recently indicted the man on child pornography charges. He is now facing two felony counts related to allegedly possessing child pornography.

Missouri car accident injures 1 seriously, 1 moderately

Missouri drivers should keep in mind that they owe a duty of reasonable care to other drivers and pedestrians each time that they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Sometimes, when drivers fail in that duty of care, the result can be a damaging car accident. A recent car accident left two people injured, one of them seriously.

Football coach manages to keep high-asset divorce low-profile

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel filed in Boone County Circuit Court for a divorce from his wife after nearly 40 years of marriage. Pinkel and his wife met at Kent State and married in 1973 just before his senior year of college. The Pinkels have three grown children but no minor children. The reason for the divorce has not been released. The couple separated in April 2012 but did not file for divorce until last week. Divorces are always stressful, and when one member of the couple is involved in a high-profile job such as a college football coach, media attention can increase the stress of the process. Divorce attorneys who handle high-profile or high-asset divorce cases are well aware that there are unique challenges presented in a divorce of this type.

11-year-old Missouri girl injured in recent pedestrian accident

Many parents fear the potential dangers that their children face every time they climb into a vehicle. Sometimes, however, children are put at just as much risk by simply walking down the street. Police in one Missouri community know just how dangerous pedestrian accidents can be in the wake of a hit-and-run collision, which left an 11-year-old girl with injuries.

Man facing Missouri extradition for child support non-payment

A man who brought attention to himself over a controversial rental property is in jail in Des Moines County, Iowa, awaiting extradition to Missouri to face felony child support charges. He is accused of owing more than 12 months of payments and is in jail in lieu of bond, which is set at $20,000. He could face a year in prison if convicted of the charge. The man was arrested when a routine traffic stop check revealed Missouri's outstanding felony warrant. He has been convicted of drug charges in other states as well. He also drew attention to himself over the proposed purchase of an apartment building and his notification to the current tenants to vacate in 30 days, the minimum permitted by law. Now, the apartment issue is on hold until the child support issue is addressed.

U.S. Supreme Court to hear forcible drunk driving testing case

The nation's highest court recently agreed to consider whether police officers who obtain forced blood tests without benefit of search warrants are violating the constitutional rights of such forcibly-tested drivers. The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to hear this case stems from prosecutors appealing the Missouri Supreme Court's ruling that police officers must normally get a search warrant before conducting blood-alcohol tests. This case could have significant ramifications upon those Missourians who find themselves accused of drunk driving.

Man faces felony charges for failing to pay child support

We often hear news stories about violent felony crimes such as assault, battery or murder. Sometimes, however, Missouri authorities bring non-violent felony charges against individuals. One man is now facing extradition from another state to Missouri for allegations that he failed to pay child support. While such allegations may seem less serious in nature than violent crimes, the truth is that any felony allegation can lead to jail time or other significant penalties.

Missouri mother accused of child abduction waives extradition

A three-year-old child custody issue was partially resolved this week when a mother who kidnapped her two sons agreed to waive extradition to Dent County, Missouri. The 32-year-old mother took her sons, ages 7 and 10, in May 2009 and has been on the run since. The father of the boys, who resides in Salem, Missouri, was originally granted custody. He was to pick up the boys at the courthouse in when the mother was ordered to turn them over. However, she never arrived, and the boys' father has been searching for more than three years for his sons.

Man loses life in Missouri truck accident; Alcohol involved?

Many people often rush to the conclusion that truck accidents are automatically the fault of the truck drivers involved in such an incident. Sometimes, however, truck drivers fall prey to the negligent actions of others. One such Missouri commercial driver recently lost his life in a truck accident, apparently through no fault of his own. Authorities believe that fog, early morning darkness and alcohol played a part in this fatal truck accident.