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November 2012 Archives

People too often injured in Missouri pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents can prove catastrophic in many cases since they involve a much larger vehicle striking a person who is not protected by having another vehicle surrounding them during the collision. Whenever Missouri pedestrian accidents cause significant injuries to individuals, they may have the right to file personal injury lawsuits against the drivers who hit them. One such recent accident caused serious injuries to a 26-year-old man.

It's over: Danica Patrick waves the checkered flag on marriage

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick announced to her fans on Facebook that she and her husband are splitting up. The divorce comes after seven years of marriage to her husband, a physical therapist. In making the Facebook announcement, Patrick reassured her fan base that she and her husband would remain friends and that there was no animosity between them as a result of the split. Patrick has garnered national attention for becoming the highest finishing female driver in NASCAR history, ending her season in 10th place. She was also the highest-finishing woman at the Indianapolis 500, with a third-place finish. She began racing at 10 years old and has attracted attention for her racing performance all over the world.

Man accused of drunk driving by Missouri authorities

According to a report released by authorities, a Missouri man was recently arrested for drunk driving after authorities found him passed out in his vehicle. That vehicle was purportedly stopped in the middle of a roadway at the time that deputies arrived upon the scene. According to them, the driver suspected of drunk driving had passed out with his foot on the vehicle's brake and with the car still in gear.

Missouri couple facing fraud charges in two separate cases

Criminal allegations are very rarely easy for defendants to deal with as they try to go about their daily lives. Unfortunately, sometimes everyday people find themselves confronted by law enforcement officials and must decide whether to fight the allegations made against them. A Missouri husband and wife are discovering this for themselves as they are now facing fraud charges in separate criminal cases authorities have filed against each of them.

Motorcycle accidents can prove fatal for some Missouri residents

Missouri motorcycle accidents can be difficult for crash victims and their families to deal with. In worst-case scenarios, families can be left mourning a victim's loss while surviving victims may face significant recovery times and medical bills due to their injuries. A recent motorcycle accident has claimed the life of one man and sent another to the hospital with moderate injuries. The motorcycle accident happened just before 8:30 p.m. on a Sunday evening.

First Thanksgiving and Christmas after a divorce can be trying

People get divorced all through the year in Missouri and around the country. However, at some point, a divorced person will go through several "firsts" on their own, some more monumental than others: first birthday as a newly single person, first bill paid from an individual bank account, and any number of occurrences running the gamut from the mundane to the heart-wrenching. Of course, one of the big ones is the first holiday season after a divorce.

Columbia auto accident: Mom hit, driver flees in front of kids

An elderly white female is being sought in connection with a hit and run accident in Columbia. The pedestrian versus auto accident occurred on a recent weekday evening on Garth Avenue. The victim, a mother of three and University of Missouri associate professor, was just getting her three boys into her car when the collision occurred. The boys, who were unhurt, are ages 4, 7 and 9.

Man arrested for Missouri rape 13 years after incident occurred

Police investigation techniques are getting more sophisticated every year. As a result of these advances, Missouri police are able to investigate crimes that have been unsolved for a significant period of time. Sometimes, the reopened case leads to the apprehension of a suspect. A man is now facing prosecution for a rape at the University of Missouri campus that is alleged to have occurred in 1999.

Taxpayers are owed over $50 billion for unpaid child support

According to the National Women's Law Center, taxpayers have paid more than $53 billion for children who should be receiving child support from a non-custodial parent. This amount is credited to the fact that many single parents are receiving public assistance to pay for necessities for their children and the government is not collecting the money owed from the non-custodial parent. When a standing child support order is in place, that assistance becomes repayable to the government, almost as if assistance programs are lenders to the parents who are not paying support regularly. However, the extreme balances owed show that the government is, in many cases, unable to collect on these "loans" from the parent ordered to pay support.

Trucker sentenced for Missouri fatal car accident that killed 2

When Missouri drivers take to the streets and highways, they assume a duty of reasonable care toward others on the roads and sidewalks around them. For commercial truckers, this duty extends toward properly securing the loads that they transport. Recently, one truck who failed to do just that was convicted of criminal charges stemming from a fatal car accident that claimed the lives of an 86-year-old woman and her 63-year-old daughter.

Father failing to pay child support for 14 children

A common occurrence in many child support situations occurs when the obligated parent fails to pay what is due. Case in point: A man has been cited with contempt charges stemming from his failure to pay child support for 14 children totaling over $80,000. A district judge ordered the defendant to pay $500 per month and $800 in back support by December 1 or face 180 days for each of 11 counts of failure to pay support. The man was arrested but released to give him a chance to meet the judge's orders to pay. If he fails to pay the money by the deadline, he will be taken to jail to serve out his sentence.

Man facing Missouri burglary and assault charges

Missouri authorities have accused a 19-year-old man of burglary and assault charges arising from an alleged home burglary that was interrupted by the homeowner. That homeowner purportedly chased the accused burglar out of his home but was injured in a scuffle with the man at the front door. At that point, the man suspected of burglary and assault fled into the woods near the home.

25 charged in Missouri firearm, drug trafficking case

Missouri authorities have arrested over two dozen people and accused them of committing drug and firearms crimes. The arrests apparently mark the culmination of a two-year firearm and drug trafficking investigation carried out by government officials. A federal grand jury has reportedly chosen to indict 25 individuals in a total of six criminal cases. Now, the accused individuals will likely need to prepare their criminal defenses in an effort to clear their names.

Parents find child custody fights the toughest part of divorce

In most divorce actions, child custody disputes are likely to be the most bitter and divisive aspects of the entire proceeding. Divorce attorneys must ensure that clients are aware of the pitfalls of engaging in bitter custody battles and to educate them in the real meaning of the terms used in these proceedings to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings. Child custody itself is a misunderstood term, for there are two aspects to custody: physical and decision-based. A parent who does not have physical custody may still have the right to be involved in decision-making, and can specify that certain decisions -- such as medical care -- be shared by both parents. Physical custody, which is the aspect that most parents think of when considering custody, simply indicates that a parent has physical control of the child at any given time.