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December 2012 Archives

Woman faces stealing and identity theft charges in Missouri

Stealing and identity theft allegations can lead to serious consequences in the event of a conviction. A woman from Columbia was recently arrested after a Boone County Sheriff's Deputy pulled her vehicle over for allegedly having no front license plate. She is now facing charges that include stealing a significant amount of electronic products from various Walmart stores throughout Missouri, along with suspicion of identity theft. Authorities allege that when she was pulled over she failed to give the deputy her own name but instead supplied her sister's identifying information.

1 dead, 1 hurt injured in Missouri wrong-way head-on car accident

Car accidents are nearly impossible to avoid when a driver is driving the wrong way on a street in the evening hours. An unwary driver who is not expecting to encounter a vehicle traveling the wrong way in their lane has little time to react and may be unable to avoid a head-on car accident. One recent Missouri accident became fatal when a 19-year-old driver went the wrong way along an area highway.

Supreme Court hears child custody argument

In a rare move by the United States Supreme Court, a child custody case was granted a hearing based on the plea of an Army Sergeant First Class whose former spouse took their child overseas. The case began when the little girl was born in Germany with dual United States and United Kingdom citizenship. When the sergeant was transferred to Afghanistan, the mother took the child to Scotland and established residency. Upon his return to the states, the family briefly reunited in Alabama before the mother left and returned to Scotland, taking the child with her. Prior to leaving, the mother sought and secured an order from a federal district court to take the child out of the country, arguing that the child had spent most of her life in Scotland and that it was her habitual place of residence. The court granted her motion, and she immediately filed for custody of the child upon reaching Scotland. For the past 14 months, the child and mother have resided in that country while child custody measures are pending

Missouri man faces sexual assault, abuse of patient charges

Being charged with committing sexual assault can be a stressful event in a Missouri resident's life. Members of the community often rush to judgment when they hear that someone has been charged with sexual assault. Despite the emotions raised by such an allegation, it is important to remember that not every person who is accused of committing a crime has actually done what they are charged with doing.

Parental rights difficult to determine in some families

With today's reproductive technology, it is not always easy to definitively which parent is a baby's biological or legal mother. Same-sex partnerships have made this question even more complicated, as there might not legally be a "mother" in the traditional sense. The emergence of gay marriage has highlighted some of the ongoing legal battles faced by parents from alternative families-those with only one parent, two parents of the same sex or those who are related to a child in ways other than being the birth parent. In these cases, child custody may not be a simple issue. Petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court have asked that California's Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, be ruled unconstitutional. While this ruling would have a positive outcome for thousands of same-sex couples who want to marry, it might also have an effect on the legal rights of other parents.

Missouri truck accident leaves 1 dead

Many Missouri residents are aware of just how dangerous it can be to share the road with tractor-trailers. When tractor-trailers are involved in a collision, it is often the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles who are seriously injured or even killed. One recent truck accident, however, resulted in fatal Injuries to the truck driver and less serious injuries to his passenger and the occupants of two other vehicles.

Woman dies in fatal traffic accident in Missouri

Missouri families who must face the loss of a loved one in a fatal traffic accident may find themselves asking questions as to how such a tragedy could occur. In some cases, the family of a victim may decide to go forward with a wrongful death lawsuit in an effort to answer some of those questions and seek justice for their fallen relative. While this may not be the right decision for every family, for some it can help cover many of the financial losses that are suffered when a loved one dies unexpectedly in a fatal traffic accident.

Missouri probation officer faces drug possession charge

Being charged with drug possession can be an especially serious prospect for a law enforcement official to endure. One Missouri probation officer is unfortunately finding this out for himself firsthand. The man has been charged with a felony count of drug possession with the intent to distribute, deliver, manufacture and/or produce. Such an allegation can lead to serious consequences for any defendant should a conviction result, but especially for someone who works in the law enforcement field.

Women can prepare financially for divorce

Most people going through a divorce process are focused on the emotional aspects of the situation and ignore the long-term financial implications. Women are especially vulnerable when it comes to comparing the value of immediate gains in a divorce settlement with the long-term value of those gains. However, there are things women can do to protect themselves through preparation during a marriage so that if divorce becomes a reality, they are insured against financial loss. Women should be sure they have access to both cash and credit so that if they are forced to leave their homes, they will have the money to live and to hire a divorce attorney. Many women find that their assets are frozen and that they must borrow immediately after separation in order to survive. Further, women should be sure that they have access to all types of important documents such as wills, tax returns, and bank statements as well as property deeds and vehicle titles. Copies of these documents should be placed in a safe deposit box or other location to which only the woman has access.

Man accused of planning mass murder facing serious charges

Missouri readers will be aware of the recent news concerning an alleged attempt of mass murder. The story has received a great deal of media coverage within the state and across the nation, and residents are relieved that a potential violent event has been prevented by law enforcement. A Missouri man is currently facing serious charges in connection with the alleged planned attack. The story demonstrates the responsibility that the community and even family members have in the prevention of violent crime.

Missouri relatives can suffer loss of a loved one in car crashes

It is never easy to suffer the loss of a loved one, especially in what seems to be a preventable type of tragedy. Recently, an Iraq war veteran pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault in connection with a fatal car accident which claimed the lives of two women. Each family member who suffered the loss of a loved one in this Missouri accident undoubtedly feels that this crash should never have happened since the veteran was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time it occurred.

Parents can be at a legal disadvantage if they are disabled

Americans with disabilities are protected by federal law from discrimination in housing, employment and many other important areas. However, the law has been slow to catch up to a growing problem experienced by those with disabilities: child custody. Parents who are blind, paralyzed or suffering from cerebral palsy have had to fight for custody of their children simply because they are disabled. According to a report by the National Council on Disability, parents with disabilities are likely to be subjected to biased judgments in child custody cases, and the legal system is not doing enough to protect the rights of these parents.