All too often, truck accidents devastate the lives of victims and family members who are left behind to mourn the loss of those who succumb to their catastrophic injuries. One recent Missouri truck accident resulted in the deaths of a husband and wife who were in their 60s. The two were killed in a collision with a 32-year-old truck driver that took place in Pike County, Missouri.

The man was driving a tractor-trailer close to the intersection of Highway 54 and Route U when the fatal crash occurred. Authorities indicate that traffic ahead of the eastbound truck driver had evidently slowed for a driver making a turn. At that point, the truck driver failed to slow down in time to avoid that traffic. He reportedly crossed over into the westbound lane and slammed into the SUV being driven by the 67-year-old husband.

Both that man and his 62-year-old wife died at the scene of the collision. Several eyewitnesses were able to give their accounts of the incident to authorities. This included a sheriff’s deputy who was actually traveling eastbound when the crash took place and confirmed that he did see the accident.

The tractor-trailer driver involved in the fatal truck accident suffered moderate injuries and was reportedly airlifted to a hospital near St. Louis, Missouri. Unfortunately the couple’s relatives and friends will now be left scrambling for answers in the wake of this tragedy. In many similar cases, surviving family members choose to file a wrongful death civil lawsuit in order to obtain restitution to pay for funeral and other such expenses. While it won’t replace their lost loved one, it can help take some of the financial pressure off of survivors.

Source: The People’s Tribune, “Accident Claims Lives Of Couple From Laddonia,” Jan. 8, 2013