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February 2013 Archives

Points to ponder as you consider divorce, property division

When Missouri couples begin divorce negotiations, they can easily become caught up in the details, emotions and difficulties inherent in this process. Questions of asset and property division may be settled rather quickly, but experts believe that moving more at a more measured pace may benefit both partners in the long run and avoid financial problems. While some couples want to minimize the length of a divorce and consequently end up rushing through the settlement process, they may find that what they have given up costs much more than it would have to simply take their time over the negotiations. Divorce attorneys advise that couples remain truthful about their financial assets, take care of major details such as splitting retirement accounts and utilize the advice of financial experts regarding the true value of their assets.

Common mistakes can wreak divorce havoc

The process of filing for divorce may seem deceptively simple on paper. However, it may involve substantial financial and psychological stress and is nowhere near as easy as it may at first appear. Avoiding common mistakes that many Missouri residents make when seeking a divorce takes patience, discipline and knowledge. No one should ever sign a divorce agreement or any other legal document without completely understanding its terms. This may mean seeking the help of a family law attorney. Further, making critical decisions pertaining to the divorce should not be handled when emotions are running high; otherwise, one could end up engaging in an expensive battle over non-essential items.

Advice for those whose partners are self-employed

When a spouse works for himself or herself, partners can be less than fully informed about the value of the business and the amount available for division in the event of a divorce in Missouri. While property division can be difficult in any divorce, it is likely to be complicated if one of the partners owns a business where money can be hidden relatively easily. For example, calculations of child support and alimony can be complicated if a spouse's income varies from month to month. Most child support or alimony orders are predicated on a standard of income that remains relatively constant, but when a person is self-employed, income can be highly variable, making it hard to calculate an exact sum. This problem is even more difficult to solve if the spouse in question is hiding cash.

Peruvian siblings get adopted by Missouri couple

One Missouri couple found themselves dealing with not one but five child custody issues when they made the decision to adopt siblings from Peru. The three brothers and two sisters are between 9 and 17 years old and lost their parents to tuberculosis. Prior to the adoption, the children convinced a friend of the Missouri family to send out a mass email with their pictures attached asking for new parents. The adopting couple has two children, a 17-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old daughter. However, they felt after a visit to a Guatemalan orphanage that they should open their home to these five children who did not want to be separated. The father, an associate pastor at a local church, stated that he was willing to take the kids as his own.

Missouri woman faces charges related to child pornography

A Missouri woman has been indicted on federal charges related to child pornography. Authorities have charged the woman with first degree promoting child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor. The allegations stem from an investigation conducted by authorities after the woman's estranged husband turned her in due to a photo he allegedly found in his wife's email.

Columbia car accident causes serious injuries to 1, hurts 2

Many people fear the potential dangers associated with traveling on the road. Add alcohol into the mix and what should be a straightforward matter of safely getting from point A to point B can become even more dangerous. One recent car accident in Columbia involving multiple vehicles caused serious injuries to one victim and less serious injuries to two others.