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April 2013 Archives

Danica Patrick amicably settles uncontested divorce

Race car driver Danica Patrick announced last November that she and her husband were separating. The NASCAR driver posted the announcement on Facebook the day after the couple's seventh wedding anniversary. Ms. Patrick married Paul Hospenthal in 2005. He is a physical therapist whom Patrick met after sustaining a personal injury.

US Supreme Court ends warrantless blood draws in DWI cases

Eight of the nine justices on the United States Supreme Court agreed with Missouri courts and the criminal defense this month on the application of the warrant requirement in routine drunk driving investigations. The nation's highest court ruled last week that the warrant requirement of the constitution has application investigations of alleged driving while intoxicated offenses.

Two pedestrians injured in separate I-70 accidents in Missouri

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in any accident with a motor vehicle. Typically, people think of pedestrian accidents as occurring at a crosswalk, or along a city street when a driver fails to yield, or loses control of a vehicle. But pedestrian accidents can vary greatly in the facts from case to case.

Fatigue a major factor in up to one-fifth of car accidents

A recent study shows that fatigue is much more a safety hazard for drivers, passengers, and others on the road that previously projected. Previous estimates have placed driver fatigue as a cause in two or three percent of car accidents, but this study suggests that the real figure is closer to 20 percent.

Fatal accident in Missouri claims 2 lives after rear end crash

A morning accident involving two tractor trailers, a car, and a pickup truck has taken two lives. The fatal accident occurred on U.S. 60 in the Missouri city of Republic. The drivers of the car and pickup were both killed at the scene of the accident.

Punishment for child support non-payment raises debate

A man who failed to make child support payments was given an unusual punishment that has created debate between supporters and opponents of the method. The man, who is more than $13,000 behind in child support payments was forced to wear a sign that alerted others to his crime. Although the technique has not been tried in Missouri at this point, it is likely that the same mixed reactions would be seen here as well as throughout the nation. Non-payment of child support is a problem seen in every state throughout the country. The Scott County, Mississippi, father was forced to wear a sign stating that he had not paid child support and was in contempt of court. He must wear the sign for three hours a day, three days a week until he pays the entire amount he owes.