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May 2013 Archives

Teen accused of DWI in crash at Missouri emergency room

A Missouri teenager is facing charges for allegedly driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs after three people showed up at a hospital emergency room early Friday morning, according to an Associated Press report carried by Mid-Missouri’s KOMU-TV. Apparently, only one of the three people was in medical distress. Authorities claim that the owner of a car that brought the sick person to the hospital stayed in the ER area with the person in distress while a 17-year-old woman who was part of the group went back outside to move the car.

Uptick in housing prices linked to uptick in divorce filings

The downturn in the economy several years ago had a significant impact on the housing market. Many commentators may say that the reality is rather the reverse—that the housing market collapsed the economy. Whether a person believes in the chicken or the egg does not matter in many situations, the result meant that many homes fell underwater on the mortgage.

Six injured in Pike County, Missouri failure to yield accident

The Missouri State Highway Patrol believes that a teen driver's failure to yield at a highway intersection led to an injury accident in Pike County Monday afternoon. Generally, failure to yield issues can arise in a number of contexts. Traffic laws create rules for who has the right of way in many situations, ranging from the right of way involving pedestrians, to the right of way at intersections and while merging into highway traffic.

Police suspect teen was texting in tragic Missouri fatal accident

Distracted driving has been on the radar of traffic safety officials for some time now. Texting behind the wheel has been a hot-button topic throughout the country as our culture tries to find ways to keep drivers, passengers in vehicles, other motorists and pedestrians safe on our roads. Unfortunately, inferences of distracted driving continue to pile up in stories involving car accidents all across the country.

Can mediation reduce costs, stress in a Missouri divorce?

It is no secret that divorce can involve a variety of areas for dispute. Along with the potential for legal dispute, emotions can rise as a couple moves toward the end of the marriage. Some people may find that family law mediation may not only work as a way to resolve the legal disputes, but may in many cases ease some of the emotional tensions of a divorce as the parties may feel more control over the outcome of the proceeding.

Police: Missouri man offered to sell Xanax in text message

Police investigations can come in a wide variety of forms. Law enforcement may often open an investigation after receiving some form of tip. Some investigations may take months or more. However, many criminal cases arise after a brief probe into some allegation raised by someone contacting police. Nonetheless, constitutional issues may arise in lengthy or brief investigations. But, constitutional principles can involve complex legal analysis.

NBA guard Steve Nash poses challenge to child support order

Many Columbia, Missouri residents may be aware that family law issues are generally a function of individual state laws. For instance, child support laws vary from state to state. Calculating child support in one state differs from how other states may arrive at a child support obligation. Missouri family law provides a system of guidelines that apply to child support calculations, but it may be possible to deviate from the guidelines in specific cases.

Police arrest Centralia woman for assault after noise complaint

Law enforcement visited the home of a Centralia, Missouri woman twice Monday night before arresting her on suspicion of a string of criminal charges. Police claim that a neighbor had made two noise complaints, bringing law enforcement to the neighborhood. Law enforcement says that on the first visit around 11:30 Monday night, officers could not substantiate the first noise complaint. The neighbor reportedly called back to repeat the complaint, bringing police out a second time.

Best interests for parents in child custody disputes

Last week we talked about the best interests of the child and how one court decided a custody issue involving divorcing parents who had quarreled during the bulk of their time together. Some couples do not have a similar history, but when the marriage relationship breaks down disputes may begin to arise. That may be especially true when children are involved and a couple heads to family court for a divorce.

Southern Missouri police chief in off-duty motorcycle wreck

The law generally imposes a duty upon motorists to look out for other drivers and pedestrians. When a driver fails to see other motorists, the results can be devastating. That may sound like preaching to the choir for most Columbia, Missouri residents. But when it comes down to the bottom line, many motorcycle riders know that all too often, a motorcycle wreck involves a driver who simply failed to see a motorcycle.

Court orders joint custody under 'best interests of the child'

Child custody and visitation issues in family court can be confusing for many parents. The concept of "custody" generally involves two separate categories--legal custody and physical custody. That alone can take some time for a divorcing parent to grasp. Decision-making power for the child's major life activities (like education or health care issues) may differ from physical custody, which involves whom the child lives with. Often, a family court may award joint custody, meaning that parents share the responsibilities jointly.

Boone County deputies: Passenger in car fled during traffic stop

The Boone County Sheriff's Department claims that what started as a routine traffic stop on Saturday afternoon led to the arrest of a Columbia, Missouri man on an alleged parole violation. A recent media report suggests that the man may also face some kind of new drug charge, but the story does not provide many details about that new alleged offense.