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June 2013 Archives

Feds indict former manager in Missouri title firm with wire fraud

Many financial transactions are handled electronically. Large sums of many are transferred between banks every day. Many consumers and business professionals alike use online transfers to pay bills. Allegations in a recent indictment involve electronic transfers of money to pay bills at a St. Louis title company from January 2009 until early July 2012.

Former 'Full House' star Jodie Sweetin files for third divorce

In March, former child star Jodie Sweetin and her husband, Morty Coyle, announced that the two had secretly married one year earlier. The announcement came around the time of their first anniversary. This week, Ms. Sweetin reportedly filed divorce papers in court on the West Coast, where the two reside.

Two teens injured along Highway 63 near Ashland after car wreck

Any time a driver loses control of a motor vehicle, there may be people put at risk of danger. When we think of car accidents along a highway, we may think that the potential accident victims are occupants of one of the cars. Similarly, when we think about pedestrian accidents, the first thought may involve the concept of a crosswalk accident, or a car striking a pedestrian walking near the edge of a sidewalk.

Police use Taser at Four Seasons residence, arrest woman for DWI

Law enforcement in Camden County, Missouri, arrested a woman at a residence in the Village of Four Seasons over the weekend on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Deputies say that the Camden County Sheriff's Department received a tip that the 26-year-old woman had been driving drunk with a child in her car. Authorities responded to the residence and claim that the woman admitted to having driven earlier. However, officials say that the woman refused to perform a sobriety test. It is not clear if the woman later provided any DWI alcohol sample for testing.

Feds delay regulations to improve pedestrian safety--again

Hopefully drivers in and around the Columbia, Missouri, area are aware of the blind spots associated with a vehicle. We are trained to use rear-view mirrors, and to look over our shoulders when merging in traffic. A rear-view mirror generally has a blind spot (or more). Road safety officials say that blind spots on vehicles when a car is backing up results in a safety hazard for people who may be in the area around a backing-up vehicle.

Judge denies child custody request in Missouri adoption case

Generally, adoption cases involve bringing a new member into a family. The proceedings are often filled with joy as people are essentially given a new child in the legal proceeding. But a recent Missouri adoption case took a different turn when a former soldier filed a petition seeking custody and child support payments related to the child involved in the guardianship and adoption proceeding.

2 MSU students arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, sex crimes

Two Missouri State University students are being held on $1 million bonds after a cab driver called police to report that he had dropped two men and a woman at an apartment building in Springfield, Missouri. The taxi driver apparently reported that the woman was “in and out of consciousness,” according to KY3. Police responded to the apartment building and claim to have heard a woman moaning from inside one of the apartments in the building sometime after 2:50 in the morning.

Crash near stadium injures 4, including 2 Missouri players

Another apparent failure-to-yield accident has sent several people to a Missouri hospital. In late May, we discussed a failure-to-yield story. Police believe that a woman driving a Mazda attempted to make a turn near Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri around 10:00 Tuesday morning. However, police say that she pulled out into oncoming traffic and also directly into the path of a sport utility vehicle carrying several people.

Thinking broadly about financials in divorcing may avoid surprise

Most people who decide to divorce may understand that many issues may need to be resolved during a divorce proceeding. Missouri law provides a framework for how specified issues should be resolved. We have discussed many family law issues on this blog, as well as how the courts may look at an issue, such as child custody or the division of property in divorce.

Missouri Patrol says tire blew out before I-35 wreck near Cameron

Authorities believe that a blown tire was involved in a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 35 Wednesday morning. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that the wreck occurred shortly after 7:15 on northbound I-35 a few miles south of Cameron, Missouri. Two young men were traveling in a 1988 Chevy when the tire gave way.

Missouri mother gets probation in bat assault on alleged dealer

A Missouri woman who says that she did just about everything she could think of to keep her son off heroin has been sentenced on an assault conviction. The woman was accused of swinging a baseball bat at a person she thought was pursuing her son to sell him drugs. The woman reportedly testified at trial that prior to the alleged encounter, she had slept next to her son while he went through withdrawals and sent him away to live with relatives to help him recover from drug use.

Jovan Belcher child custody dispute slated for trial in Missouri

Child custody disputes can arise from a variety of different circumstances. Most child custody disputes are handled during a divorce proceeding. However, changes in circumstances may give rise to the need for a modification of a child custody and visitation schedule. Again, most of these kinds of issues arise between the parents of a child.