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July 2013 Archives

Three charged in Missouri with federal drug conspiracy charges

Any drug crime allegations can bring strict consequences if a person is convicted of the offense. When federal authorities are involved in pursing drug trafficking or other types of federal drug offenses, the stakes can be high. Often, people may believe that federal offenses involve lengthy investigations into wide-spread crime rings covering more than one state.

Boone County sting lands man in custody for alleged sex crimes

Law enforcement frequently uses undercover sting operations during a criminal investigation. So-called confidential informants may be used in setting up a sting. In today’s electronic age, stings may be created using fake online profiles, or through the use of online advertisements that troll for alleged unlawful activity.

Stopped traffic behind wreck leads to serious Warrenton accident

After a car accident occurred on Township Line Road in Warrenton, Missouri, Tuesday evening, other motorists pulled over to lend assistance to people involved in the crash. However, a second accident erupted involving the stopped vehicles on the road, injuring four people who were involved in the second wreck.

Gerald, Missouri, cop says head-on crash looked like an explosion

A violent wreck east of Gerald, Missouri, early Sunday morning left five people injured and a man dead. The 25-year-old who was pronounced dead at the scene was driving a car that police say had been reported stolen after the crash occurred, but before details about the wreck had been released.

Study: Money issues in marriage can cause stress, lead to divorce

Several years ago, researchers at the University of Missouri found a link between low income families on government assistance and a higher divorce rate. But more recent research from one of our neighboring states suggests that money issues at any income level may be linked to marital stress, and the potential for a breakdown in the marriage relationship.

Missouri man accused of murder in girlfriend's overdose death

Authorities have arrested a man who has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge in the heroin overdose death of his girlfriend. Police claim that the Missouri supplied drugs to his girlfriend -- those allegations are apparently being used in the state’s theory that the man murdered the woman.

WWE Superstar Randy Orton settles divorce, keeps Missouri home

When a married couple has accumulated a large amount of assets during the marriage and the marriage breaks down, property division issues may be resolved amicably through negotiation in some cases, while in others, the issues may require litigation. But, high asset divorces may have many other issues that must appropriately be handled in the divorce. Add children, for example, and the issues may add to the emotional stress.

Missouri Highway Patrol responded to 358 wrecks over the Fourth

The Fourth of July fell on a Thursday this year. That fact allowed many people to take an extended weekend. The Missouri Highway Patrol often considers the timing of a holiday when considering what may constitute a holiday period for the purposes of highway safety.

New Missouri LDP 'Hardship License' law takes effect

There can be a variety of reasons that a person can lose their privilege to drive in Missouri. Points on a driving record can add up, or a driver may lose the privilege to drive related to a driving while intoxicated charge in Missouri. Many people have heard of the so-called “hardship licenses” available under Missouri law. A hardship license allows eligible drivers to regain Limited Driving Privileges. On July 5, 2013, the LDP laws in Missouri changed. Some people who were not previously eligible for an LDP may now be eligible under the new changes.

Pickup slams into rear of Can Am in US 136 injury accident

Rear-end crashes may involve a wide variety of different factors. Driver inattention, distracted driving, failing to maintain proper distance and other factors may lead to a rear-end crash. While head-on crashes may theoretically seem more disastrous, rear-end collisions can lead to significant personal injury and even death. That may be especially true when one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle or three-wheeler.

Missouri judge decides Jovan Belcher child custody dispute

The custody and guardianship dispute between the relatives of Jovan Belcher’s daughter was not the usual Missouri child custody dispute. Many Columbia, Missouri residents heard the news of the case after police reported in December that Belcher had murdered the child’s other before committing suicide in the parking lot outside the Kansas City Chiefs’ training facility.

Do Missouri DWI checkpoints actually result in DWI arrests?

Well... some arrests do occur at sobriety roadblocks. As we head toward our nation’s birthday, officials are gearing up to enforce traffic laws, as well as Missouri’s laws prohibiting driving while intoxicated during the holiday period.