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August 2013 Archives

How do legal separations work under Missouri family law?

Two stories emerged this week that have created some buzz on the entertainment pages of news outlets nationwide. One report indicates that Dina Ruiz says that she and her husband, Clint Eastwood have separated and have been living apart. Eastwood’s manager has denied having any knowledge of the purported separation.

Pair from Jefferson City indicted on student loan fraud charges

Federal prosecutors in Missouri are pursuing two Jefferson City people who authorities believe sought a number student loans beginning in the summer of 2005 and running into the fall of 2007. Officials claim that the student loan applications were fraudulent and prosecutors have obtained a federal indictment accusing the two people of 11 counts of federal bank-fraud-related crimes.

Federal appellate ruling upholds truck driver fatigue rules

Earlier this month, a federal appellate panel upheld rules aimed at reducing the risk of driver fatigue in the trucking industry. The issues of distracted driving and drunk driving in the general public often garner a great deal of media attention (as the issues present serious hazards to motorists and pedestrians who may be in the zone of danger when a driver negligently drives drunk or is inattentive on the road). Issues of drowsy driving, however, can also present increased risks for motorists and others on, or near, any Missouri road.

Gov. Nixon opposes potential override of Missouri sex crime veto

Lawmakers in Jefferson City passed a measure aimed at protecting juveniles who have been accused and convicted of a sex crime. In July, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill and is now on the road seeking support for his hope that lawmakers will not overturn the veto.

Rules change for City of Columbia red-light camera violations

On Monday, August 19, 2013, the City of Columbia approved a bill to change their policy on red-light camera violations. City council members decided to drop the requirement of having a clear camera image of a motorist's face to issue the summons for running a red light. They are now only requiring a license plate number.

Brendan Fraser seeks post-divorce modification of alimony

Brendan Fraser, who many Columbia, Missouri, area residents may recognize from his role in “The Mummy” and its sequels, is back in family court on the East Coast. While many issues may be resolved in a divorce settlement, some issues may be subject to modification should a substantial change of circumstances later arise.

U.S. Supreme Court Cellphone Search Cases

It may not be too much longer before the U.S. Supreme Court addresses the issue on how much privacy Americans have in the information contained in and from their cellphones. With today's advanced technologies, many use cellphones for more than just making calls. Cellphones have become Americans personal pocket computers by having the capability to make calls, send text messages, send and receive emails, update social media sites, take pictures with the camera and have access to the internet at their fingertips all day. This wasn't a problem 10 years ago as cellphones were simply used to make calls and send text messages.

Ralls County head-on wreck claims life of Troy, Missouri, man

Over the past decade, the fatality rate related to motor-vehicle accidents has shown a fairly steady decline. While traffic safety has improved in recent years, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says that thousands continue to die in traffic accidents each year. The agency says that fatalities in rural areas of the country decreased 31 percent from 2002 to 2011, while urban traffic fatalities dropped 21 percent during the same time frame. In 2011, 17,762 people died in rural traffic crashes and 14,464 perished in accidents in urban areas.

Missouri law enforcement opens end of summer DWI campaign

The Labor Day holiday is still two weeks away, but law enforcement agencies in Missouri are not waiting for the unofficial end of summer to arrive to begin their crackdown on drunk driving offenses. Police in agencies all across the state are opening the end of summer campaign with increased patrols and other efforts seeking to find people to charge with DWI.

Four people, including kids, injured in hit-run wreck in Columbia

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that motor-vehicle crashes occur intersections on a rather frequent basis. That is, while the majority of the road infrastructure is comprised of roads between the intersections, roughly 40 percent of all traffic accidents happen where two or more roads meet. Often, the negligence of one or more drivers is involved in an intersection wreck.

Assessing post-divorce budget important early in divorce

Earlier this month we discussed that assessing one’s assets and debts is a good thing to do when considering filing for divorce. The idea can be important in preparing for negotiating issues surrounding property division. It is also important for Missouri residents (or people from anywhere for that matter who may follow our blog) to understand that budget concerns should be looked at when preparing for divorce.

Wet roads suspected in northwest Missouri I-35 wreck

The Missouri Highway Patrol believes that wet conditions may have been involved in an injury accident on Interstate 35 Wednesday morning in northwest Missouri. An Albany, Missouri, man lost control of his pickup truck around 7:30 Wednesday morning in Daviess County. Authorities believe the slick road may have started the ordeal. The pickup left the pavement from the southbound lanes of the interstate, rolled through the grassy median, and ultimately entered the northbound lanes heading in the wrong direction.

'Real Housewives' couple indicted on federal white-collar crimes

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan, especially a home loan, may understand that the process can involve a lot of paperwork. The federal government believes that television reality star Teresa Guidance and her husband Giuseppe, who is also known as Joe, submitted false information in seeking to obtain mortgages and other types of loans dating back to 2001. Our Columbia, Missouri, area readers may recognize the name from the Bravo “Real Housewives” franchise.

After accident, Usher's ex seeks custody modification order

People may generally understand that when two people go through divorce the court will issue an order finalizing the divorce. But, some may not understand that the divorce decree may not always bar changes to orders involving in the divorce if circumstances change down the road. In divorces involving children in Missouri, the initial divorce decree generally may provide important rulings and orders concerning child custody and support issues.

Assessing assets is a good start in divorce preparation

When a marriage breaks down, a spouse may have to face the decision of whether or not to divorce. Once a person makes that decision, there are new decisions that may have to be made, but many people who have decided to divorce may not know where to start.

Personal Injury Case Settled for $1 Million; Worker's Compensation Case Settled for $75,000

In January 2009 our client was driving her personal vehicle on Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City, Missouri while on the job. She was hit by a vehicle owned by JC Auto Parts. Our client suffered a rupture to a pre-existing bulging disc. The worker's compensation case was settled for $75,000 and the personal injury case was settled for $1 Million.