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September 2013 Archives

Retirement assets may be at issue in Missouri divorce

Many individuals seeking a divorce may wish to rush through the basics to get closer to the final divorce decree. Individuals or couples seeking a divorce may, at times, hope to go through a proceeding without representation. Some pitfalls, or oversight of the issues, can arise in many areas, especially if all of the “I”s are not dotted and the “T”s are not crossed.

Mexico High student charged with making terroristic threat

Most people understand that the Constitution guarantees many rights, including the right to free speech. But, it is important to note that many rights are not absolute, and laws make it onto the books that seem to infringe on important rights. But, despite the existence of a law, when prosecutors rely on the statute to bring criminal charges, a review and assessment of the individual facts is important to protect rights.

Tire failure suspected in serious injury accident in Fulton

Police suspect that tire failure may have led to a serious single-vehicle accident Wednesday afternoon in Fulton, Missouri. Authorities say that a 61-year-old Fulton man lost control of his vehicle, first running into the median, then crossing back through the highway before crashing into the ditch. The single-vehicle wreck occurred on Highway 54.

In an improving economy, commentators say divorce is on the rise

Commentators are noting that the improving overall economy and rise in the housing market in recent months across the nation has translated into a rise in the number of people filing for divorce. The idea of the apparent increase in the number of cases hitting family court is generally linked to the idea that many homeowners are seeing more equity in the home.

Former teacher sentenced in Missouri child pornography case

Many people in the Columbia, Missouri, area may be familiar with the concept of double jeopardy in criminal cases. The Constitution guarantees that people cannot be placed twice in jeopardy for the same offense. However, the concept generally does not apply when state and federal prosecutors each take a bite at bringing criminal charges.

Fail to yield Missouri motorcycle wreck claims one, injures two

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that a Saturday morning accident east of Springfield, Missouri, sent three people to a hospital. The wreck involved a Dodge pickup truck and a motorcycle. Tragically, the driver of the motorcycle succumbed to his injuries Sunday morning, according to state police.

Can social media impact a Missouri divorce case?

More and more family law attorneys across the country are telling people seeking a divorce to refrain from even accessing many popular social media sites while the family court issues remain pending. For many, total abstinence from the Internet is probably not going to happen, but taking time to think through posts before placing them on the Internet, and controlling any potential privacy settings may be good intermediate steps toward reducing the risk that an Internet blurt may create problems in divorce.

Missouri professor charged with growing marijuana at home

A professor from Northwest Missouri State University was arrested Friday on suspicion of drug crimes. Authorities did not open a lengthy drug crime investigation before taking the 57-year-old man into custody. Instead, authorities were looking into an alleged threat that authorities claim the man posted during a Facebook discussion with another professor.

Mack truck runs into circus van near Moberly, Missouri

The Missouri Highway Patrol says that a truck accident near Moberly, Missouri, injured eight people last Thursday night. The wreck was reported around 11:00 p.m. on U.S. 24. Officials say that a truck slammed into the rear-end of a van carrying a number of people from a traveling circus troupe.

State of Missouri vs. Stacey Dory & State of Missouri vs. Desre Dory

On September 10, 2013, the prosecuting attorney/attorney general filed a MEMORANDUM OF NOLLE PROSEQUI in the cases of State of Missouri vs. Desre Dory (Case No. 12BA-CR03480) and State of Missouri vs. Stacey Dory (Case No. 12BA-CR03478). In both cases, the Dorys were charged with Second Degree Murder and Forgery. The charges have been fully dismissed and charges will not be re-filed.
The Dorys have been full vindicated after a lengthy discover process including review of medical documents, investigation documents and the depositions of many people concerning the death of William Van Note at the University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics on October 6, 2010.
Murder and forgery charges have also been dismissed against Elizabeth Van Note an attorney and daughter of William Van Note however, those charges are anticipated to be re-filed in the Circuit Court of Camden County along with other
potential charges on this date.
Concerning Stacey Dory and Desre Dory, they pleaded not guilty from the very start and we said last September after they were charged that they would be vindicated and now that vindication has occurred.
In summary, a complete investigation has shown that Stacey and Desre had no legal culpability in the murder of William Van Note or his companion Sharon Dickson.

Service dog may have saved Missouri pedestrian accident victim

Hit-and-run accidents may often leave many questions of what happened unanswered. Accident reconstruction experts, whether associated with the police or independent investigators looking for evidence, may be able to piece together events at the scene of the accident itself. But, many details about the events surrounding the pedestrian accident may be left without the appropriate pieces to the puzzle that can complete the overall picture.

Centralia woman pleads to lesser assault charge, gets probation

In May, we discussed allegations surrounding the arrest of a Centralia woman who was accused of throwing a plant hanger at her neighbor. As police investigated the allegations, law enforcement says that the woman turned on police with a bowling pin. She was ultimately arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault with a similar charge alleging a serious assault on a police officer. The slate of charges grew into a long list.

Military divorces in Missouri may offer unique issues

When a person in the military decides to divorce, unique issues can be involved as federal laws are in place to protect members of the armed services. For instance, a person on active duty cannot be ambushed with service of process when deployed to serve the country. But, other issues can also be complicated when a member of the armed forces is involved in a Missouri divorce. Take child custody and visitation issues involving a service member. The issues can have unique circumstances.