Commentators are noting that the improving overall economy and rise in the housing market in recent months across the nation has translated into a rise in the number of people filing for divorce. The idea of the apparent increase in the number of cases hitting family court is generally linked to the idea that many homeowners are seeing more equity in the home.

During the recession, many people fell underwater to the mortgage, reducing options with what to do with the home. Commentators believe that with an improvement in the housing market, more couples are deciding to file for divorce, due to an increase in economic confidence.

Property division in a Missouri divorce proceeding can be a difficult issue for many divorcing couples. Obviously, parents with minor children may have tensions in the area of child custody and support issues. But, when a marriage with children is dissolved, and a home is also a part of the marital property, the divorce settlement negotiations can be further complicated by the value of overall marital assets.

Each divorce has its own structure, as each household has its own unique set of facts. But, trends in family law issues can, from time-to-time, seem to make news–such as the current apparent link between an improving economy and an increase in divorce filings.

A professor from Marquette University recently told the Los Angeles Times that a potential link between the potentially improving economy and the divorce rate has been noted, here and in other settings. The researcher notes that the divorce rate in England fell to historic lows after the world economy collapsed in 2008.

The professor says that a troubled economy can put enormous stress on a marriage, but with the loss of equity in the home, selling the home in a divorce may not provide enough money for one household to become two. With an improving economy and housing market, the analyst believes that improving economic issues have allowed more people to decide to formally end the marriage after struggling through the prior tough economic times.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Divorces increase as improving economy makes split-ups affordable,” Stuart Pfeifer, Sept. 18, 2013