On September 10, 2013, the prosecuting attorney/attorney general filed a MEMORANDUM OF NOLLE PROSEQUI in the cases of State of Missouri vs. Desre Dory (Case No. 12BA-CR03480) and State of Missouri vs. Stacey Dory (Case No. 12BA-CR03478). In both cases, the Dorys were charged with Second Degree Murder and Forgery. The charges have been fully dismissed and charges will not be re-filed.
The Dorys have been full vindicated after a lengthy discover process including review of medical documents, investigation documents and the depositions of many people concerning the death of William Van Note at the University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics on October 6, 2010.
Murder and forgery charges have also been dismissed against Elizabeth Van Note an attorney and daughter of William Van Note however, those charges are anticipated to be re-filed in the Circuit Court of Camden County along with other
potential charges on this date.
Concerning Stacey Dory and Desre Dory, they pleaded not guilty from the very start and we said last September after they were charged that they would be vindicated and now that vindication has occurred.
In summary, a complete investigation has shown that Stacey and Desre had no legal culpability in the murder of William Van Note or his companion Sharon Dickson.