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October 2013 Archives

Outside professionals can help in many areas of family law

Many Columbia area residents take pride in running a family business. But when a family breaks apart and divorce is on the horizon, a business owner may need the help of outside professionals in determining the value of a business for the purposes of the family court issues. That may not be a surprise for some business owners. But the idea of consulting with knowledgeable professionals in many areas of family law may not be as obvious.

Many still looking for answers in Columbia I-70 fatal bike crash

Many questions remain surrounding what happened on Interstate 70 over the weekend before and after a fatal truck and bicycle accident occurred early Saturday. Authorities say that a truck driver called authorities to report having allegedly hit something along the interstate--law enforcement says that the trucker reported hitting a deer.

Former Missouri trooper gets plea deal in child molestation case

A former Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper who was charged with felony child molestation may avoid time behind bars under the terms of a plea bargain he entered into earlier this week. The former trooper was scheduled for trial on Tuesday on charges of first-degree child molestation and a misdemeanor count of assault. Monday, the 71-year-old Neosho, Missouri, resident entered guilty pleas to two misdemeanor level offenses to avoid the felony charge under a deal with state attorneys.

1 killed several injured in multi-vehicle Barry County wreck

Four vehicles were involved in a traffic accident Wednesday morning that left one man dead. Several other accident victims suffered injuries serious enough for authorities to call in helicopters to bring the victims to hospitals in Springfield, Missouri.

Study says peer groups may divorce at similar times

There has been much ado about the effects of social media in recent years. But for generations parents have worried about potential issues that can arise with the kids due to peer pressure. So why is it somewhat surprising for some people to learn that researchers not only find links between life events and members of social networks?

Family of woman killed in White House incident seeks child custody

News of an apparently distraught woman made headlines in early October when authorities say that she rammed a barricade near the White House. The alleged incident led to a chase, and ultimately the death of the woman, who authorities shot.

2 killed when vehicle slams into turning school bus in Highway 50

Two men were killed in an accident between a minivan and a school bus on Highway 50 near Warrensburg, Missouri, Tuesday. The Missouri Highway Patrol says that the school bus was loaded with 50 students from Centerview, Missouri. A dozen of the students required a trip to hospitals after the highway accident. Officials report that all of the injuries suffered by students aboard the bus appear to be minor.

Boone County deputies find a few grams of meth in drug raid

Law enforcement conducted a raid at a location along O’Neal Road Friday and claim to have found a few grams of methamphetamine. Deputies say that the raid was conducted under a search warrant and nobody under suspicion of criminal activity was present at the scene of the raid. But, in addition to the relatively small quantity of meth discovered at the unoccupied location, law enforcement believes that other materials seized indicate that a larger meth operation may be linked to the location.

Missouri teen death over imitation LSD prompts two teen arrests

A freshman from a Missouri high school was rushed to a hospital in Kansas City on October 4 after being found unconscious. The teen could not be saved and was pronounced dead at the medical facility. Authorities have arrested two other teens on suspicion of drug crimes related to an investigation following the tragic teen death.

Police: Truck driver fell asleep before fatal accident

In late August, we discussed the court battle over federal driver fatigue regulations in the trucking industry. Federal officials instituted new rules in 2011 aimed at reducing the risk of drowsy driving in the trucking industry and a federal appellate court upheld the majority of the rules earlier this year.

Missouri appellate ruling upholds termination of parental rights

A long running legal dispute over family law and juvenile law issues has been decided again the Missouri Court of Appeals. The battle involves issues in juvenile court surrounding the termination of parental rights of a woman who was incarcerated in 2007, and the adoption of her biological child after the mother’s rights were terminated.

Paternity issues and rights in Missouri can be important claims

Paternity cases in Missouri may arise for a variety of reasons. In some instances, an unmarried mother may seek to establish paternity for the purposes of seeking a child support order and to provide a legal basis for other financial purposes. A man may seek to establish that he is the father of a child in order establish parental rights for the purposes of child custody or visitation.

Animals, including deer or dogs, can be hazards on Missouri roads

With fall upon us the Missouri Highway Patrol is urging motorists to be aware of the dangers that can arise on Missouri roads as the deer mating season runs its course. State officials say that nearly 4,000 car accidents occurred last year between vehicles and roaming deer. Fall also brings issues that tend to flush deer onto the roads, including the fall harvest and hunting season.

Out-of-state doctor accused of sex crime in Missouri

A Laclede County, Missouri, man says that he discovered sexually explicit content on his 16-year-old son’s cellphone and notified the Missouri Highway Patrol. The alleged “sexting” content included images, text language and a video that authorities believe were sent from a 36-year-old doctor in another state. Officials claim that an investigation into the alleged sexting incident suggests that the teen and the man each exchanged sexually explicit content.