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Boone County deputies find a few grams of meth in drug raid

Law enforcement conducted a raid at a location along O’Neal Road Friday and claim to have found a few grams of methamphetamine. Deputies say that the raid was conducted under a search warrant and nobody under suspicion of criminal activity was present at the scene of the raid. But, in addition to the relatively small quantity of meth discovered at the unoccupied location, law enforcement believes that other materials seized indicate that a larger meth operation may be linked to the location.

Boone County deputies say that so-called “packaging materials,” weapons (including five long guns and a pistol) and other items that law enforcement characterize as drug paraphernalia were located during the search. Officials apparently believe that the find is sufficient to charge at least one person with drug crimes. Law enforcement expects to use the evidence seized during Friday’s raid along with other information to conduct future raids.

No formal charges appear to be involved yet, as deputies seek to find a suspect first. However, law enforcement says that it may call in prosecutors at a later date if no arrest is made to obtain a warrant for one person who police believe can be linked to the investigation.

Officials think that the evidence seized may be linked to some kind of meth distribution ring--law enforcement says that a group of people may be working together to move meth. The recent raid is linked to a larger law enforcement probe into imported meth from Mexico, according to the Columbia Tribune.

Our criminal justice system has a number of important concepts, including the right to remain silent and the right to the representation of a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal charges are not something that should be thrown around based upon speculation. A person suspected of a crime may consult with legal counsel even before criminal charges are filed.

When groups of unidentified (and possibly unknown) people are suspected in media reports, Missouri readers should have these constitutional principles in mind. Government overreach is a concern that criminal defense lawyers across the country seek to fight against on a regular basis to protect people from unreasonable government intrusions.

Source: The Columbia Tribune, “O’Neal Road bust nets drugs and guns,” Alan Burdziak, Oct. 12, 2013

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