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November 2013 Archives

Missouri man indicted for alleged federal child porn offense

Federal prosecutors accuse a Missouri man of creating child pornography more than a decade ago. Officials claim that he began producing the illicit content in 2001 and continued to use a minor child to create pornography until the middle of 2004. Federal prosecutors allege that the pornography started to show up on the Internet in the fall of 2005.

Dump truck crosses center line in Huntsville, slams into vehicle

Stories of motor-vehicle accidents that make the news often include sketchy information gleaned by law enforcement and possibly reporters in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Early reports are important, as the information is often still fresh in the minds of any witnesses.

Many issues may necessitate post-divorce modification in Missouri

Child support issues can be complex during a Missouri divorce. State law provides a system of guidelines on how child support issues may be addressed, but individual circumstances may be involved in a particular case to justify departing from the guidelines. What many Columbia area parents may also understand is that once a divorce has been finalized, circumstances may change down the road.

Missouri businessman enters plea deal on mail fraud allegations

A business owner has pleaded guilty to federal mail fraud and money laundering charges related to allegations that he embezzled money from the Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund. Prosecutors say that the Missouri businessman (who actually lives in Kansas) used subcontractors to perform work for nearly a decade, but the businessman created false invoices from one subcontractor to inflate costs. Authorities say that the businessman used the mail to submit the inflated invoices to the insurance fund to embezzle money.

Steering problem behind Chrysler--Dodge Ram truck recall

Car manufacturers (like any manufacturer) have a responsibility to make sure that the products placed on the market are designed and manufactured to be safe when used by consumers. We all generally expect that a brand new car or truck will function properly and protect us from unreasonable risks of danger when driven properly. Yet, from time to time, car manufacturers may need to recall a product due to a potential safety issue.

Same-sex issues in Missouri family law are complicated

Issues that same-sex couples face in today’s changing legal world have been making the news in recent years. Many people in Columbia, Missouri, may be aware that the United States Supreme Court ruled this past summer that the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. The law purported to bar the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. But, family law issues are generally a matter for state laws.

More drivers taking 'selfies' while driving

Distracted driving is a very dangerous behavior and causes many car accidents every year in Missouri. Cellphone use is a big contributor to distracted driving accidents across the country, but the new popular social media act of taking "selfies" is posing dangers much closer to home.

Study: divorce impacts men's health

Getting divorced can have a big impact on your emotions. After starting a life with the person you thought you'd be with forever, it can be very difficult to cope with the end of the marriage. Many spouses struggle with the thought of getting divorced, and even after the decision is made, many feel emotionally drained and confused. 

DWI convictions and consequences for Missouri drivers

Many people have driven past flashing lights on a cop car and seen someone outside trying to walk in a straight line or touch their nose at some time or another. Seeing someone pulled over or arrested for driving while intoxicated can make your heart beat faster and serve as a warning about the consequences drivers can face if they are charged with a DWI in Missouri. 

Western District Missouri Court of Appeals Vacates Murder Conviction

The Western District Missouri Court of Appeals has vacated the murder conviction of Ryan Ferguson. Ryan was convicted of second-degree murder and first degree robbery in the 2001 death of Columbia Tribune Sports Editor Kent Heitholt.

Boone County authorities pile on burglary charges after arrest

Boone County officials believe that a 20-year-old Columbia man can be linked to a string of burglaries after his car was allegedly linked to one burglary last week. Authorities were responding to a report of a burglary in progress on October 23 when they claim to have spotted the young man’s car. Boone County deputies attempted to make a traffic stop of the man’s Charger, but claim he fled the scene.