Many people have driven past flashing lights on a cop car and seen someone outside trying to walk in a straight line or touch their nose at some time or another. Seeing someone pulled over or arrested for driving while intoxicated can make your heart beat faster and serve as a warning about the consequences drivers can face if they are charged with a DWI in Missouri. 

Whether or not you’ve been in that situation before, getting pulled over for suspected drunk driving can be a very scary experience. Being arrested after blowing into a breathalyzer or failing a field sobriety test can be devastating, but the consequences can get much worse if you are convicted of driving drunk in Missouri.

What are some of the consequences of being convicted of DWI? Individuals can serve up to six months in jail as well as be fined up to $500. Drivers may also have their driver’s license suspended and have restricted driving privileges after the suspension. 

DWI convictions can also result in higher car insurance rates, and you may have to get SR-22 car insurance coverage in some cases. Individuals may also be forced to take a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program and may have to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle if they want to continue driving.

DWI convictions can result in harsh consequences that can impact not just your driving privileges but also your reputation. The consequences of a DWI conviction should be taken very seriously. Individuals facing DWI charges should make an effort to understand their rights, which includes the right to hire an attorney to protect their freedom and defend their case. There are many different approaches to defending against DWI charges so it is best for drivers to discuss their specific case with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.