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December 2013 Archives

Missouri church bus driver accused of sex crimes with passenger

A conviction for many types of sexual offenses in Missouri may bring a wide variety of consequences that go beyond the kinds of consequences typically implicated in other types of criminal cases. Most people know that a criminal conviction can involve the potential for jail or prison time, and other punitive measures imposed by the judge at sentencing. Prison time (including potential mandatory minimums) and fines may be imposed in a sex crime case. But, the law authorizes (or requires) other potential sanctions in sex crime cases that are not typically a part of many other types of cases.

Traffic stop leads to felony drug charges against Missouri man

Constitutional principles may be involved in any kind of criminal case. When it comes to search and seizure issues related to traffic stops on the road, the issues can be complex. In recent times a number of search and seizure issues have risen to the United States Supreme Court.

Five emergency responders injured in I-70 car accident

Most people in Columbia, Missouri, should understand that any accident on the Interstate can cause serious injuries. As a culture, we may commonly think that motorists and passengers of vehicles would be the main victims of an accident on a highway or interstate. But, construction workers, emergency responders and others who may be near the traffic lanes (such as a stranded motorist who has exited a vehicle) can be in harm’s way if a passing driver loses control of a vehicle on the interstate.

Man sues ex-wife for alleged investment not disclosed in divorce

Each state has its own rules and ways of calculating how child support should be determined during a divorce. Missouri has guidelines for calculating child support obligations, although a departure from the guidelines may be possible in some cases. Should circumstances change substantially after a divorce is final, a family court may modify a child support obligation when appropriate proof of the change in circumstances is presented in court.

Michelin recalls tires over potential tread separation issue

Michelin announced Saturday that it is recalling more than 1 million tires due to a safety issue that has been discovered. The recall covers LTX M/S tires that were installed on a variety of new vehicles or sold as replacement tires dating back to January 2010. The tires generally fit some types of light trucks that may be used in commercial applications, but also full-sized vans, large pickup truck and some smaller recreational vehicles.

Military divorces have their own unique issues in Missouri

Any divorce can include a variety of issues that need to be addressed. Each household has different structures. Some people have kids, while others do not. But when a member of the military, or spouse of a service member, contemplates divorce the rules can be somewhat different.

Young adults most likely to drive on fumes? Survey says yes

A recent survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that young adults are more likely to drive on fumes than more experienced drivers and even the newest drivers on the road. We aren’t referencing the amount of gas in the car’s tank either; we are talking about how much energy a driver has.

Missouri DWI crackdown just began

As the holiday season approaches, many people will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. These gatherings and celebrations often include festive activities involving alcohol. The holiday season typically sees more DWI arrests as law enforcement steps up their patrols to keep the roads safe. 

Police accuse Columbia man of sexual misconduct at Hobby Lobby

Police arrested a Columbia, Missouri man Monday on suspicion of sexual misconduct. Authorities claim that a witness saw the Columbia man expose himself in a Hobby Lobby store on November 23. The witness reportedly contacted staff at the store about the alleged incident. Police claim that the man seen in an aisle fondling himself later ran out of the store, and fled in a car. Officers say that they were able to link the car seen leaving the store to the Columbia man.

Missouri spousal support issues in, and after, divorce

With more and more households having two incomes, the issue of spousal support may not make the news as frequently as in previous generations. Spousal support—commonly referred to as alimony—however, may be an important issue in many divorce proceedings. Missouri essentially has three general types of spousal support:

Eight killed, 140 injured in Missouri over Thanksgiving holiday

November and December can bring extreme changes in weather conditions throughout Missouri. At the same time, the holiday season kicks off, sending many people onto the roads for after hours events with colleagues, or gatherings among friends or family.