Many people may learn of a criminal investigation at some point–even when no formal charges have been filed. Notably, a person suspected of a crime has rights that many people may not realize exist in the absence of formal criminal charges.

Maybe the constant barrage in popular culture of cops reciting Miranda rights as the closing credits are ready to roll leads people to believe that some rights do not kick in until some formal moment. Notably, many people understand that the law presumes all people are innocent until proven guilty. It would seem to follow that rights are greater than the dramatic moments written into TV dramas. But, many rights can be waived without an express waiver, depending upon the circumstances.

News reports suggest that Boone County authorities suspect a teacher and coach of illicit conduct with a 16-year-old high school student. Authorities say that the girl told a school counselor that she and the teacher had sex. 

Law enforcement reportedly conducted a raid at the man’s home recently, looking for potential evidence under a search warrant. Law enforcement seized electronic devices during the raid. The electronic equipment is believed to be school property and not intended for the personal use of the teacher, according to ABC 17, KMIZ News.

The news report indicates that law enforcement thinks the teacher exchanged text messages with the girl, and took suggestive photos of her. Authorities obtained an iPad and ThinkPad during the raid–each of which is school property. Law enforcement reportedly sought statements from the man, but he exercised his right to remain silent, according to KMIZ. No charges have been filed in the investigation.

Source: ABC 17, KMIZ News, “Columbia high school teacher accused of having sex with student,” Dana Clemens, Dec. 19, 2013