Michelin announced Saturday that it is recalling more than 1 million tires due to a safety issue that has been discovered. The recall covers LTX M/S tires that were installed on a variety of new vehicles or sold as replacement tires dating back to January 2010. The tires generally fit some types of light trucks that may be used in commercial applications, but also full-sized vans, large pickup truck and some smaller recreational vehicles.

The issue involves the risk that the tread can separate on the tires. If that happens, a driver can suddenly lose control of the vehicle. Drivers and passengers in the vehicle can be at risk of harm in a motor vehicle accident involving a single vehicle. Similarly, the issue can create dangers for anyone near the vehicle—other motorists and travelers, pedestrians or children on a sidewalk.

Product defects can come in a wide variety of forms. Unfortunately, some product defects may go unnoticed in a single incident. It may take multiple accidents for people to start to notice a possible connection to the defect.

How many of our Columbia, Missouri, area readers suspect a tire defect when a story hits the media about a driver suddenly loses control of a vehicle?

While it is true that driver error may often be involved, a defective tire may be one of a variety of causes or contributing factors that may be considered in an unexplained crash.

In the recent recall, Michelin says that a smattering of reports about accidents related to the tread separation issue have led to property damage in accident. Michelin says that it has not heard of any injuries related to the tires. The company reports that odd vibrations, rapid wear and other issues have been noted in recent months, in addition to the reports of property damage.

Source: Detroit News, “Michelin recalling 1.3 million tires used in larger vehicles,” David Shepardson, Dec. 14, 2013