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January 2014 Archives

Car accidents, fatalities down in Missouri

Imagine a world with absolutely no traffic accidents. Okay, it may not be a complete utopia, as other issues exist. But, car, truck and other forms of motor-vehicle accidents cause far too many injuries, or worse, each year. The latest statistics from the Missouri State Highway Patrol show some very encouraging signs that traffic safety may be improving. While the positive side is important, there is also an underlying thread that we still have some way to go toward finding that utopia (or partial utopia) that leaves all people safe on Missouri roads.

Sociologists consider whether divorce rate is linked to economy

Money troubles may be involved when some people decide to divorce. Struggles over finances and the household budget may cause a strain on a marriage. News accounts in Missouri often speak about the nation’s overall economy. We have all listened to media commentators offer opinions about the direction of the economy as the nation continues to seek recovery from the financial meltdown that occurred several years ago.

Police investigating alleged dorm sex crime at U of Missouri

An investigation into burglary allegations on the University of Missouri campus has transformed into a sexual assault investigation. A woman claims that two men walked into her dorm room Sunday evening. Her door was not locked. One of the men apparently left the room at some point. It was then, the woman says, that the second man sexually assaulted the woman in her dorm room.

Man accused of sending explicit photos to Columbia teen

Computer- and Internet-based criminal investigations may involve a great deal of forensic-type analysis. In defending against Internet-based probes, a defense lawyer may need to evaluate technical information. Law enforcement may use forensic evaluators to dig through electronic information stored on an electronic device. In addition, there may often be allegations tied to electronic records obtained from Internet chat-rooms.

Missouri lawmaker proposes ankle bracelets in some domestic cases

Lawmakers in Jefferson City are considering making changes to the law somewhat related to domestic abuse allegations. A bill has been introduced in the Missouri Senate that is aimed at people who have violated a restraining order on at least one occasion. The measure would create a new provision that would allow for repeat offenders to be required to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Red-light violation suspected in Jefferson City injury accident

Jefferson City Police believe that a St. Peters, Missouri, man failed to stop for a red light Saturday afternoon, leading to an injury accident at the intersection of Madison Street and Highway 50. Police say that the man’s Dodge truck slammed into a Nissan in the intersection shortly before 2:30 in the afternoon.

Manslaughter charge added in Missouri teen overdose death

In October we discussed a case involving the arrests of two teens related to alleged drug distribution allegations in Kansas City. The issue arose after a 15-year-old boy died from an overdose of a synthetic substance. Police say that the synthetic substance was designed to mimic LSD. One of the teens arrested in October on suspicion of drug distribution charges has now been charged with manslaughter related to the criminal investigation.

Financials important in various aspects of a Missouri divorce

In December we discussed a lawsuit from out east that involved potential hidden assets in a prior divorce. In general, most divorce issues need to be addressed before the divorce is finalized. Once a case is finalized, a court may be highly reluctant to re-litigate a decided issue. Child support, child custody issues and a few other things are typically the areas where a post-divorce modification may arise.

Authorities say car moving too fast before Miller County wreck

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that four people suffered personal injuries in a two-car crash last Wednesday morning in Miller County. All four of the injured people were in the same car. Law enforcement says that a 22-year-old man from Kansas was driving too fast for the road conditions causing him to cross the centerline. A recent story from Lake News Online does not include specific details about the road conditions at the time of the crash.

Jefferson City grand jury indicts 10 on federal marijuana charges

When federal officials engage in a drug trafficking investigation, the catalogue of potential criminal charges that may eventually be brought can seem vast. Federal indictments often include multiple counts against one or more people. Drug trafficking charges may have conspiracy allegations tacked on. Similarly, other offenses may be included against one or more people depending upon the alleged facts.

Missouri Supreme Court declines review of adoption case

The Missouri Supreme Court declined to review a family law case in late December that touches on a variety of issues. In 2007, a woman, who is from Guatemala, was detained in Missouri after immigration raid. The woman had a young child. She allowed her brother to take the child. While the woman was still behind bars the child was transferred to another family member, then to a non-relative before being put up for adoption.

SUV sandwiched between 2 trucks on I-44 injures 5

It is no secret that weather conditions in Missouri can bring difficulties on the road. Columbia area drivers may know that adverse weather conditions can erupt just about any time of the year. But, as we head through the winter months, ice, snow and other wintry conditions are more likely to be the issues. When you add in the fact that many different types of vehicles share the roads, multi-vehicle accidents can leave several people with injuries.

Pineville Missouri crash kills two, injures several

We have previously reported federal statistics related to head-on crashes in America. Our Columbia, Missouri area readers may understand that head-on, or near head-on, crashes may be deadly. Stories involving head-on collisions seem to frequently report that a driver simply crossed the centerline of a two-lane road before a tragic wreck.

'Game of Thrones' star settles divorce issues

There are many types of issues that may be involved in a divorce. Some divorces settle rather easily, if the issues are aligned between the parties. Other cases may involve battles over specified issues. One of the reasons for such disparity may be that few households are probably set up exactly the same as others during the marriages.