There are many types of issues that may be involved in a divorce. Some divorces settle rather easily, if the issues are aligned between the parties. Other cases may involve battles over specified issues. One of the reasons for such disparity may be that few households are probably set up exactly the same as others during the marriages.

Some couples do not have children together and child custody, visitation and child support are not issues in such divorces. High asset divorces can vary as people invest in different ways. While Missouri law provides guidelines for many types of issues, a specific issue may not be a problem when people are trying to reach a divorce settlement.

When it comes to celebrity divorces, the lifestyles of the parties may differ from what people would consider a normal lifestyle. However, issues may need to be resolved—celebrity cases may from time-to-time have interesting resolutions for the particular hang-up in divorce settlement negotiations.

A “Game of Thrones” actress has been in a battle for roughly two years over property division and child custody issues. That may not seem that far out of the norm for many. But, sources say that actress Lena Headey and her estranged husband, Peter Loughran, have resolved the most contentious parts of their divorce.

The couple has a 3-year-old son. As a part of the child custody and visitation arrangement, the two have agreed to essentially travel together in some sense. Headley wanted to have her son travel with her to locations where the fantasy drama is filmed. The divorce settlement will allow her to take her son to those locations. But, Loughran will also travel to those exotic locations so that he can spend time with the boy. Headey will pay for Loughran’s travel and provide $1,000 each month while on the road for expenses.

The couple has also agreed to install apps on electronic devices so that neither will be allowed to text or surf the Internet while driving with the child.

Protecting rights, and interests, in a divorce may take different forms depending upon the specific situation. While celebrity divorces may provide seemingly unique agreements, they can highlight how a settlement may address an individual’s primary concerns within the framework of family court.

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