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Police investigating alleged dorm sex crime at U of Missouri

An investigation into burglary allegations on the University of Missouri campus has transformed into a sexual assault investigation. A woman claims that two men walked into her dorm room Sunday evening. Her door was not locked. One of the men apparently left the room at some point. It was then, the woman says, that the second man sexually assaulted the woman in her dorm room.

Campus police say that authorities have identified the two men, who are also University of Missouri students. Police have not made any arrests, but have classified the alleged crime as a sex offense. Few details about the incident have been made public as the investigation continues.

Many types of criminal investigations may lead to the potential for harsh consequences if authorities ultimately obtain a conviction. The potential for jail or prison time is most commonly thought about when a person is accused of a criminal offense. For students, a criminal conviction of just about any type of offense may have long-term consequences that fall outside of the court system. Future academic and job opportunities may be affected by a criminal record.

But, when allegations of a sex crime arise, there are a variety of potential consequences that apply specifically to convictions for felony sexual offenses. Sexual offender registration requirements and other potential consequences that may impact where a person can live, or be present, are possible if a person is convicted of specified sex offenses. In addition to the somewhat more direct consequences, the stigma of a sex crime conviction can have adverse impact for years to come.

Source: Columbia Tribune, “Suspects identified in dorm sex assault," Jan. 29, 2014

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