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February 2014 Archives

Missouri business owners may face tough issues in divorce court

Business owners generally understand that there is no-one-size-fits-all solution to every business decision. Similarly, what happens with a business interest in a divorce may take many different roads, depending upon the circumstances.

'Alligator' couple injured when cut off on I-55 in Missouri

Car accidents on the highway, or on city streets for that matter, do not necessarily involve a person who may be responsible. A driver may cause a wreck and escape the scene without having any damage to his or her car at all. Drivers in Columbia, Missouri, probably understand that this can happen—many drivers have been cut-off in traffic. In other situations, a driver may cut off a car, causing a collision with the trailing vehicle

Supreme Court limits ability to object to warrantless home search

Our Columbia, Missouri, readers may understand that the United States Constitution generally requires law enforcement to obtain a valid warrant to search a home. There are a few specifically defined emergency exceptions to the rule. Criminal defense lawyers seek to protect constitutional rights. But, courts have held that a person may consent to a warrantless search.

Boone County man on probation arrested on meth, weapons charges

When a person is on probation (or parole) in Missouri, issues may arise that can jeopardize the probationary status. A missed meeting with a probation officer could trigger potential probation violation allegations. If a person on probation is suspected of a new criminal offense, the allegations may have impact on the status of the probation in the earlier case, as well as result in new criminal charges. The probation issue and the new criminal charge can create a complex legal situation.

Relocation after divorce: What Missouri parents need to know

The idea of having a global economy is commonly referred to in many aspects of life. On a different scale, workers may relocate to new cities, or new states, during a career. For parents who have already gone through a divorce, relocation may make a current divorce settlement unworkable.

Warrenton police officer injured in I-70 roadside accident

Another person has suffered personal injuries while attending to issues on the shoulder of a Missouri road. This time, icy road conditions are being looked at as a contributing factor in an injury accident. A police officer responded to investigate a single-vehicle accident along eastbound Interstate 70 on Friday afternoon.

Osage County officials report several back-to-back meth arrests

Stories about criminal investigations may discuss lengthy probes involving undercover stings, raids or other forms of activities of law enforcement. But, not all criminal arrests involve lengthy probes. Law enforcement officials in Osage County, Missouri say that a number of people were arrested this week on suspicion of drug charges in separate incidents. Each arrest came after officials were looking into events that were allegedly current occurrences, claiming that some level of suspicion warranted an investigation.

Facebook posts commonly referenced in divorce court

Last September we discussed the idea of social media in the context of a Missouri divorce. Commentators have noted that posts online have been increasingly used as evidence in family court proceedings all over the country in recent years. There are many social media outlets where people communicate with the world. Often, a quick vent will make its way online, which can later make news. A divorce can be stressful.

Missouri man killed fixing flat tire after truck loses wheel

It may be difficult to estimate how often a wheel falls off a moving eighteen-wheeler. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance says that truckers may not even know that a wheel has fallen off for a period of time. Incidents often go unreported.

Court's inability to act sees woman toil away in jail

The potential failings of the criminal justice system are many. For example, prosecutors can leverage harsh penalty sentences (like mandatory minimums) to essentially force a defendant to accept a plea deal. But that's just one example: there are also examples of police misconduct, criminal rights violations, clerical errors, botched investigations and tainted evidence that show the justice system isn't always kind to the defendant, nor correct in a more general sense.

Will new technology help prevent fatal car accidents?

When discussing the development and proliferation of communication technology in the context of traffic safety, it’s often about the danger created by drivers using smartphones and other mobile devices behind the wheel. Interestingly enough, an emerging technology could actually help prevent accidents and save lives.

Missouri woman gets plea deal to reduce overdose murder charge

Last month we discussed the addition of manslaughter charges in a synthetic LSD overdose case in Kansas City. A Moscow Mills, Missouri, woman has now entered a plea deal in an overdose case in Lincoln County. The woman was charged with second-degree murder and drug charges. She entered a plea agreement with prosecutors, which reduced the murder charge to involuntary manslaughter.

Advocates push for shared child custody standards in family law

Child custody is one of those areas of law that generally involves two separate components. Legal custody is an aspect of child custody that relates to who has the decision-making power concerning the child (or children). Physical custody is what people may think the most about—this aspect of child custody involves where the child will be. That is, physical custody involves the arrangement of when each parent will spend time with the child.

Bad weather: Car accidents and more reported in Boone County

Last week we discussed the apparent decrease in overall traffic accidents in Mid-Missouri in recent times. The story involved data complied throughout the year. People in Columbia, Missouri may understand that car accidents recorded over time may seem to differ greatly from the number of wrecks that may occur when weather turns bad.