Car accidents on the highway, or on city streets for that matter, do not necessarily involve a person who may be responsible. A driver may cause a wreck and escape the scene without having any damage to his or her car at all. Drivers in Columbia, Missouri, probably understand that this can happen—many drivers have been cut-off in traffic. In other situations, a driver may cut off a car, causing a collision with the trailing vehicle

An out-of-state couple says that a driver cut in front of their car on Interstate 55 Saturday evening near Cape Girardeau, according to the Southeast Missourian. The woman says that when the car crossed in front of theirs, her husband tried to shield her from danger.

The Alabama couple was in an accident. Each suffered personal injuries. It is not clear from a news article if the car that dodged in front was involved in the accident, or some other set of circumstances was involved. The couple’s car was totaled. A second crash followed, but few details about that accident have been reported.

The recent interstate accident has made the news as the Alabama couple was on their way home from Stanton, Missouri, with four alligators in tow. The man is an alligator enthusiast who, with his wife, shows alligators at charity events. The couple also presents alligator exhibits for kids. The alligators apparently were not harmed in the crash. However, a Missouri family offered to care for the gators as the Alabama couple recovered from their personal injuries in the hospital.

At least two crashes are linked to the allegations that a car abruptly cut in front of a second on the interstate. Sudden movements of a vehicle can create chaos on the highway. The accident was reported Saturday just after 7:00 p.m. in Cape Girardeau.

Source: Southeast Missourian, “Couple with alligators say they’re glad to be alive after accident,” Ruth Campbell, Feb.24, 2014