When a person is on probation (or parole) in Missouri, issues may arise that can jeopardize the probationary status. A missed meeting with a probation officer could trigger potential probation violation allegations. If a person on probation is suspected of a new criminal offense, the allegations may have impact on the status of the probation in the earlier case, as well as result in new criminal charges. The probation issue and the new criminal charge can create a complex legal situation.

Boone County officials say that a call reporting a suspicious person has led to the arrest of a man who was on probation. The initial call on Thursday involved an allegedly suspicious woman, but authorities say that in responding to the call they were led to a residence in the Rollingwood subdivision. It is not clear what led deputies to the location.

Authorities say that a 28-year-old man was at the residence. Law enforcement says that the man had two outstanding warrants related to an alleged driving offense and an alleged probation and parole violation. The man was taken into custody on the warrants. But, authorities say that law enforcement began to suspect that issues related to methamphetamine may have been in play.

Boone County deputies obtained a search warrant for the man’s home. Authorities claim that meth, scales and several weapons were seized during a raid. He is accused of a string of new criminal charges, including weapons offenses and a drug distribution or possession charge. He was processed at the Boone County Jail and later released on a $35,000 bond.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, “Man arrested on methamphetamine, gun charges,” Feb, 21, 2014