Stories about criminal investigations may discuss lengthy probes involving undercover stings, raids or other forms of activities of law enforcement. But, not all criminal arrests involve lengthy probes. Law enforcement officials in Osage County, Missouri say that a number of people were arrested this week on suspicion of drug charges in separate incidents. Each arrest came after officials were looking into events that were allegedly current occurrences, claiming that some level of suspicion warranted an investigation.

Two of the incidents were related to reports of possible burglaries in progress. In the first incident, authorities responded to a suspected burglary call on Tuesday and say that a man was leaving the location. He was detained and deputies claim that he was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and other items. He faces burglary, drug charges and other offenses after the police response.

The next day authorities claim that a call came in reporting that someone may have been unlawfully in a vacant house near Belle, Missouri. Osage County deputies say that two people were found inside the allegedly abandoned home. Again, authorities say that methamphetamine was found. The two were arrested on drug and burglary charges.

That same day, deputies conducted a traffic stop. It is not clear from a KMIZ News report what served as the basis for law enforcement’s suspicions to make the initial stop. However, a man is accused of unlawfully possessing methamphetamine found during the stop. Authorities also believe that the man intended to distribute drugs. During the course of the incident, deputies claim that the man was not cooperative and assaulted law enforcement. He faces additional charges related to the resisting allegations, including assault of an officer.

Whether a criminal investigation occurs over a period of months or the probe lasts only a few minutes, a person suspected of a crime has the right to have to actions of law enforcement scrutinized for potential abuse of power issues. The Constitution guarantees people their right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. These issues are among many that can arise in defending against criminal charges.

Source: KMIZ ABC 17 News, “Four arrested in Osage County on meth-related charges,” Feb. 13, 2014