Working in a large university town, it is very common to have students as clients. It is important that university students and their parents understand that often times if a student is arrested, a potential criminal proceeding is only half of what they may be facing.

University Student Conduct Offices often times will initiate actions against the student based on alleged violations of the Student Honor Code. These types of actions cans involve freezing the student’s account, demanding that the student submit to voluntary counseling, community service work, university probation, suspension or even expulsion.

Often times when students come into the office to deal with a criminal matter, they have already started the university conduct process. It is not uncommon for them to say that they were unaware they needed counsel or had a right to counsel in those proceedings. This is absolutely incorrect. Not only do students have a right to counsel in conduct proceedings but they may have a right to sue the university if they believe they are being discriminated against or their due process rights are being violated.