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Wrong-way driver eludes police in Springfield, Missouri

One man was killed and a woman was seriously injured in an accident in Springfield, Missouri. Authorities were called to the area before the accident when several people called to report a GMC truck was driving in the wrong direction on Highway 65. Law enforcement apparently found a yellow GMC traveling in the wrong direction and attempted to intercept the vehicle. However, police say that the driver swerved to avoid law enforcement before slamming into two other civilian vehicles.

The man's GMC grazed a Hyundai and crashed nearly head on into a Chevrolet sport utility vehicle. The man who police say was traveling in the wrong direction was killed. Authorities say that it does not appear that the driver of the Hyundai suffered any serious injuries. However, a woman in the Chevrolet suffered serious injuries. After emergency responders were able to extricate the accident victim from her vehicle, she was taken to an area hospital.

The accident occurred near the highway 65 and the James River Freeway interchange. Law enforcement continues to investigate what may have caused the driver of the GMC to enter the highway in the wrong direction.

Wrong-way crashes on any highway can involve strong forces. The impact from a wrong-way accident can leave accident victims with severe personal injuries, including fatal injuries. In general, wrong -way drivers may enter a highway improperly for many different reasons, including distractions, impairment or mere confusion. But, the potential risk of danger is high when a driver negligently enters, or continues to drive the wrong direction on any highway.

Source: Ozarks First, "Man Dies After Three-Car Crash on JRF and Hwy. 65," March 17, 2014

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