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April 2014 Archives

Do you think hands-free phones are safer?

When we get behind the wheel, we need to remember that we have changed our role from that of sitting in an office or at home. Driving a vehicle is one of the most complex activities we do during the course of a day, but because we engage in this activity virtually every day, sometimes for hours at a time, we often fail to recognize how complex it is.

A divorce may be good for your business

Divorce is personal. Really personal. When something goes wrong in a relationship, it may be very difficult to fix, and it may have been very difficult to predict just what would go wrong. A small business relationship, with two owners, is a great deal like a marriage, and some business owners might spend more time with their co-owner than with their spouse.

Former Mizzou Price player charged with felony tampering

Earlier this month we reported that Missouri basketball player Zach Price was arrested on suspicion of assault charges. On April 3, Price had more than one brush with the law. During the early morning, as we previously discussed, Price was arrested after an alleged altercation in the Stadium Boulevard area. It turns out that police a second time that same day on suspicion of assault near Rock Bridge Elementary. The basketball team later cut ties with the 20-year-old.

Should no fault divorce laws be changed?

No-fault divorce laws were passed to eliminate artificial barriers to divorce that served little purpose. A history of divorce in America notes that at one time, couples seeking divorce would stage "adulterous scenes" complete with a "mistress" and a photographer, to enable them to provide evidence to the court of the necessary adultery component of a divorce proceeding.

Three die in horrific head-on collision on Missouri road

One of the terrible elements of a fatal car accident is that of a life cut short. A person heads out to work in the morning, or off to school. And they never come back. There is no goodbye. For their family, there is no preparation, just empty silence and an empty garage stall.

Aldon Smith arrested after alleged airport bomb comment

Aldon Smith was arrested on suspicion of making a false bomb threat at a West Coast airport on Sunday. The former University of Missouri football player is suspected of making a comment about having a bomb as he passed through airport security. The FBI is investigating the matter. Smith, who plays professional football with the 49ers, was selected for random screening at the airport.

Man dies in Missouri after motorcycle struck by car

There is no question about it. For Missouri residents who love riding motorcycles, the feeling of the wind rushing past as they ride is one of the best. While this is a popular mode of transportation for many it does not come without risks. As riders are likely aware the activity can be dangerous and result in serious injuries to riders. Sometimes these injuries are so severe that they lead to death.

Former coach sentenced in St. Louis for conspiracy, wire fraud

A women's basketball coach pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges last week involving an alleged car theft and insurance scam. Federal prosecutors say that the Kansas resident, who was previously a basketball coach at Southeast Missouri State University, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud charges in a federal courtroom in St. Louis, Missouri. In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop additional charges listed in the indictment.

Prepare yourself for the rigors of divorce and co-parenting

Everyone has heard that divorce is a difficult time that requires the splitting spouses to expend a lot of emotional and mental energy. There's no changing that, even if the spouses are able to agree to an uncontested divorce or use alternative dispute resolution tactics. No matter how simple the divorce is and no matter how quickly it gets done, the splitting spouses will still have to expend some emotional and mental energy.

Columbia Police arrest Mizzou player on suspicion of assault

On Monday, we discussed school disciplinary actions that university students may face when also facing criminal charges. Allegations of any kind of offense can lead to consequences, but people suspected of an offense are entitled to The University of Missouri basketball program has suspended junior transfer Zach Price from the program pending further proceedings after the Mizzou basketball player was arrested Thursday in Boone County.