On Monday, we discussed school disciplinary actions that university students may face when also facing criminal charges. Allegations of any kind of offense can lead to consequences, but people suspected of an offense are entitled to The University of Missouri basketball program has suspended junior transfer Zach Price from the program pending further proceedings after the Mizzou basketball player was arrested Thursday in Boone County.

Columbia Police claim that Price had followed his roommate to the area of Stadium Boulevard. His male roommate was in a car with a woman. Authorities accuse Price of blocking in his roommate’s vehicle before some kind of scuffle erupted. Law enforcement thinks that the basketball player struck his roommate in the face at some point during the alleged altercation.

Authorities say that Price’s roommate or the woman who was in the roommate’s car attempted to use mace, although the timing of events is not clear from a recent newspaper report. Police say that the basketball player pushed the woman when she joined into the alleged altercation. She reportedly fell to the ground.

A probable cause statement produced by Columbia Police alleges that the roommate and the woman each suffered minor injuries. Price was arrested on suspicion of assault and domestic assault charges. No formal charges have been filed. Price was released from the Boone County Jail on $1,500 bond. Each of the potential charges that police suspect may be implicated are misdemeanor level offenses.

High-profile cases involving MIzzou students may make headlines. But, any student suspected of a criminal offense has rights when authorities suspect a violation of the law has occurred. Students accused of an offense should consider seeking the representation of legal counsel who can help to protect rights in the criminal justice system, as well as in any potential school conduct disciplinary proceedings.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “MU transfer forward Zach Price suspended from basketball team following arrest,” Tod Palmer, April 3, 3014