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Man dies in Missouri after motorcycle struck by car

There is no question about it. For Missouri residents who love riding motorcycles, the feeling of the wind rushing past as they ride is one of the best. While this is a popular mode of transportation for many it does not come without risks. As riders are likely aware the activity can be dangerous and result in serious injuries to riders. Sometimes these injuries are so severe that they lead to death.

This was sadly the case for a 52-year-old rider, earlier this month. The man died after a car struck him from behind. The force of that impact sent the motorcycle, and its occupants, into a truck. At the time of the collision the motorcycle was stopped, waiting for traffic to thin so that the driver could make a left turn.

Exactly what caused the car to strike the motorcycle is not clear. These incidents are often due to the failure of a motorist to see the much smaller vehicle. It is possible that this could have played a role in this tragic accident particularly since it occurred around 8:30 at night when the lack of light results in even greater issues with visibility.

The man who died was not the only person on the motorcycle when the crash occurred. A woman survived the incident with injuries described as serious and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Her prognosis is unknown.

As is the case with any occasion where someone is hurt or killed as a result of the negligence of another person it is possible that the woman who was injured in this incident will file a lawsuit against the driver of the car that struck the motorcycle. Similarly the family of the man who died could take the same course of action to seek compensation for his death. In each situation compensation recovered in a successful lawsuit could make things easier for those dealing with the repercussion of the crash.

Source: KOLR10 News, "Motorcycle Accident Claims Man's Life," April 6, 2014

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