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May 2014 Archives

Missouri man indicted on federal charges in OD death

When a person dies from a drug overdose, law enforcement may open an investigation in hopes of tracking down where the drugs came from. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that deaths caused by drug overdoses, including prescription medication overdoses, have been on the rise over the past 20 years. The CDC says that more people die from overdoses than are killed in motor-vehicle accidents.

Missouri fatal motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead in Columbia

Due to the large number of vehicles that are on a Missouri roadway at any given moment, it isn't uncommon for car accidents to occur. Unfortunately, some of these accidents turn deadly, especially when more than one vehicle is involved. One of Missouri's most recent fatal motor vehicle accidents left one individual dead and another person seriously injured.

New Florence woman charged in kid's shooting incident

A shooting incident in New Florence, Missouri, has led to criminal charges for the mother of the boy authorities believe fired the weapon. The charges, however, are not directly related to a weapons offense, but are more directly associated with alleged criminal negligence that creates substantial risk of harm to a child under the age of seventeen.

Second-trimester pregnancy sees increased risk of car crash

Driving is a multi-facetted activity. We have to control the vehicle, drive at an appropriate speed for the posted limits, and that is permitted by traffic and weather. We have to know where we are going, or rely on a map or a GPS, which we have to check from time to time to ensure we don't miss a turn and our destination.

Bill could change Missouri motorcycle helmet law

Motorcycle helmets and the laws governing them are always contentious. From their high-water mark back in the 1970s, mandatory state laws governing the wearing of helmets for motorcycle riders have been slowly eroding. A recent proposal in the Missouri House of Representatives would further erode the Missouri law. The change would allow motorcycle riders, 21-year-old and older to decide whether they want to wear a helmet.

Texting and driving-what can be done?

Texting while driving has been long recognized to be a danger. The act of picking up a phone and reading the text or using our fingers to type out the letters of a text is a significantly taxing activity for the brain. We know this type of distraction leads to car accidents, and various solutions have been proposed to prevent this distraction from becoming deadly.

Marriage stress can cause symptoms of depression, study finds

Humans are social animals, and studies have shown that marriage generally has a positive effect on people. Marriage may not always produce that positive effect if the couple's relationship begins to sour. Few people divorce on the spur of the moment, and when clients come to us, problems and difficulties have often been simmering for long periods of time, often with some crisis driving a husband or wife to a divorce attorney.