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June 2014 Archives

Could your car's airbag randomly explode?

Cars have come a long ways from the days of Henry Ford's Model T. That car was so simple, that virtually anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of mechanics could make basic repairs and keep the vehicle running. Of course, it lacked many of the comforts and safety features of modern vehicles.

Custody battles involving pets becoming more common

The family pet can be an important member of the family. Many people develop deep-seated emotional attachments to their pets, whether dog, cat, bird or horse, which they do not want to lose in a divorce. This can be all the more so for couples without children.

Texting by teen drivers remains a worry

Teens are, as the old saying goes, our future. Sometimes that future can appear rather tenuous, as when a teen driver gets behind the wheel of a car. As any parent of a teen driver in Columbia can attest, there is always some level of concern when a teen driver pulls away, alone for the first time.

Hiding of marital assets in with Bitcoin

During a divorce, especially a high-asset divorce, it is very important to identify and locate all of the marital assets. This is because modifications to property division in a divorce, in Missouri and virtually every state are very difficult to obtain.

Foristell, Missouri, man accused of dragging trooper in DWI stop

A Foristell, Missouri, man is facing an assault charge related to an alleged drunk driving traffic stop in St. Charles. Assault on a government worker charges in Missouri are serious offenses. The statutes list a wide number of positions that may involve these similar types of alleged crimes, ranging from a law enforcement officer to utility workers or emergency personnel. Assault on a law enforcement officer is a felony level offense that can be added on top of other charges, like a Missouri DWI offense.

Former Macks Creek teacher sentenced in student rape case

Just last week we discussed criminal charges leveled against a Missouri teacher involving allegations of sex crimes. Allegations of sexual offenses can result in significant consequences that are not associated with many other types of offenses, including potential sexual offender registration requirements depending on the type of the criminal charge. When a teacher is accused of a crime, professional licensing issues may follow.

Do more truck drivers suffer from fatigue today?

The deadly truck crash last weekend that killed a friend of Tracy Morgan and left him with severe injuries appears to have been caused by a fatigued truck driver. A prosecutor has charged him with vehicular homicide and assault and alleged that the driver had not slept for 24 hour.

Teen traffic deaths, while down, are still a major problem

One of the sad realities out on the roads is that motor vehicle accidents sometimes occur that take people's lives. Tragically, many of the victims of fatal car accidents here in Missouri and the rest of the country are young people who had much of their lives still in front of them: teenagers.

"Unimaginably and irrevocably changed"

Car accidents cause terrible disruptions in the lives of millions of families every year. From a few broken bones and soreness to fatal car and truck accidents, few are ever the same after a crash. What is most tragic is that with rare exceptions, almost all of the accidents are unnecessary.

Missouri teacher accused of sex crimes involving 2 students

We have discussed the topic of sexting on more than one occasion on this blog. The trend of people sharing sexually explicit material through cellphone communications seems to be continually on the increase across the country. Unfortunately, sexually explicit material shared through cellphone communications can result in criminal charges in some situations if minors are allegedly involved.