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August 2014 Archives

Increased DWI patrols this Labor Day weekend

Labor Day is often the last hurrah of summer. Sure, there is no snow or icy roads in the foreseeable forecast, but the hours of daylight have begun to erode, school has begun, and you the first Halloween displays have showed up. But this weekend still promises temps in the upper 80s, which feels like summer.

Race disparity in prisons highlights potential racism in laws

Did you know that Hispanics and black people are three times more likely to be stopped by police and searched for drugs than white people? It's a potentially disturbing fact for some of our Missouri readers who may have experienced this potential racial profiling for themselves.

After a divorce, you are still their grandparents

Family relationships are always complex, and the relationship between adult children and their parents generally do not become any less complex by nature of the aging of the children into adulthood. Sometimes, it merely makes them more complex, as the children may grow to resent the "suggestions" of parents, finding them intrusive and meddlesome.

Deadly truck crash on 1-70

A 41-year-old truck driver died in a multiple vehicle truck accident Monday on 1-70 just west of Columbia. The first semi struck a second semi-truck, which hit a SUV, causing it to rollover and then strike a third semi. The driver who died was in the first truck and was apparently killed when he was ejected from the cab of his vehicle.

Marital, Separate and Equitable, but not equal

The characterization of property during a divorce is significant. Your property division will determine your financial future and one element of that division is whether property is marital or separate in Missouri. Separate property, as its name implies typically has as its source something that separates it from jointly held assets. In most cases, inheritances and gifts are separate property.

Could white collar crime be next in line for sentencing reform?

Earlier this year, new federal sentencing guidelines went into effect for people convicted of certain nonviolent drug crimes. Now, some defense lawyers and other advocates of prisoners’ rights are pushing for similar reforms in the sentencing of white collar crimes like embezzlement, tax fraud and insider trading.

What really happens in a severe car accident, part 1

We often read in the newspaper or see on the television news or internet of some horrific sounding car accident. The report will describe a multivehicle accident; the heroic efforts by the emergency personnel to save the injured parties, the traffic delays caused by the crash, and may conclude with a comment that the injured driver or passengers were taken by ambulance or helicopter to the hospital in serious condition.

A positive divorce?

If you have children, the longest lasting legacy of your divorce will be what you taught them during the divorce and their memories. How that plays out is largely in your hands. While there is likely to be few things about your divorce that will seem pleasant or enjoyable, the better prepared you are for the process and the better able you are to cope with the challenges that do arise, the better your children will do during and after the divorce.

Banning teen texting most effective at reducing fatalities

Worries over distracted driving have many potential sources. Virtually any activity combined with driving can result in a deadly car accident. From fiddling with a adjustment on a radio or climate control system to eating or smoking in a car, they all take your eyes and mind off the road, if only for a second.

An update on forcible blood testing in DWI cases

Previously on this blog, we discussed a case that was pending before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the issue of warrantless blood testing in drunk driving cases. That case has since been decided, so we will revisit the topic to provide an update.