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What really happens in a severe car accident, part 1

We often read in the newspaper or see on the television news or internet of some horrific sounding car accident. The report will describe a multivehicle accident; the heroic efforts by the emergency personnel to save the injured parties, the traffic delays caused by the crash, and may conclude with a comment that the injured driver or passengers were taken by ambulance or helicopter to the hospital in serious condition.

And that may be the last we ever hear of the car accident or the victims. Unless you are friends or acquaintances with the victims or their family, that is likely to be the end of the story.

But it is never the end of the story for those victims. For them, and their families, it is only the beginning. 

So we appreciate the story published this weekend by the Columbia Daily Tribune, to lift the veil, or maybe more appropriately, the surgery curtains on what happens after the victim of a terrible motor vehicle accident arrives at the hospital.

The man was heading home from work, on an ordinary spring day here in Columbia. Nothing marked it as special or unusual. The accident was horrific. He was riding his motorcycle home from work when a car suddenly changed lanes in front of him.

He has no memory of what happened. The details of the crash are "unclear." His motorcycle apparently struck the car and he was thrown from the bike, his helmet being found 100 yards from the crash scene.

His body was described as being "wrapped around" a wire guardrail post on Highway 63. His injuries were nearly fatal. He had "horrific lower-extremity fractures." The bleeding was so great that he virtually had no blood pressure.

To be continued.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, "No small miracle: Hero snowplow driver reflects on his own brush with death," Jodie Jackson Jr., August 10, 2014

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