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September 2014 Archives

International child abduction carries a steep price

Divorces vary so much, it is difficult to generalize. Some are reasonable, with the parties working to do the best they can for their children. The couple may have grown up and aged out of love and out of their marriage. But there is no real animosity, and they are willing to cooperate in raising their children.

Missouri Supreme Court finds punitive damage cap unconstitutional

In a court of law, there are generally two types of damages available, compensatory and punitive. Compensatory, as the name suggests, are designed to provide compensation for your injuries or other damages. These damages include such items as your medical expenses from a car accident, the cost of repairs to your vehicle and lost time from work if you were severely injured and spent months or years recovering.

Springfield man asserts right to own guns despite past felonies

In August, voters in Missouri passed Amendment 5, which prohibited violent felons from owning a fire arm. Considered by most to be a step toward reducing repeat violent offenses among felons, the thought may never have crossed anyone's mind that the language of the law could be interpreted differently than how legislators intended it.

Can broken furniture break a prenuptial agreement?

For couples with substantial assets, a prenuptial agreement is often part of the discussion before they marry. A prenuptial agreement typically describes the distribution of marital property for the couple should they divorce. Prenuptial agreements present something of a quandary for individuals who are paradoxically promising their love to each other "'til death do us part," and at the same time, allocating portions of their assets in a future divorce.

The innocent picture that could lead to criminal charges

Everyone has one. That embarrassing picture of your child running around the house completely naked or a picture of them in the bath tub after a day of playing in the mud. Decades ago these types of snapshots were considered innocent and accepted by society. But as society's views on indecent photography grew stricter, taking photos like this was no longer seen as cute but as shameful.

Can you fool a Breathalyzer into thinking you're not drunk?

We've all heard them before: those urban myths about drinking and driving and how to avoid criminal charges if you get stopped. One myth says that if you suck on some pennies, the copper will neutralize the alcohol. Another says that swishing with mouthwash before an officer administers a breath test is the best way to get out of a DUI arrest.

The complexities of a multi-vehicle truck accident

A terrible truck accident on I-70 east of Columbia shut down the westbound lanes for 13 hours and left one person dead and eight seriously injured. The closure of the highway was necessary because the crash involved three semi-trucks and eight other vehicles. Photos from the scene show the carnage of mangled vehicles strewn across the westbound lanes.

Facing sexual misconduct charges? Speak with an attorney

Being accused of any crime can be devastating and quite frightening. However, there are some crimes that may be particularly upsetting. For example, sexual misconduct allegations can destroy a person's career and reputation, even if that person is never convicted or the claims turn out to be baseless.