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October 2014 Archives

Why getting an expungement in Missouri is a good idea

Although most people in Missouri are aware of the impact a conviction can have on someone, some may not realize that even after a sentence has been served, that conviction stays on a person's criminal record for the rest of their life. This means that the negative stigmas associated with a criminal conviction stay with that person, impacting nearly every aspect of their life along the way.

Missouri acts to ban certain highway guardrail installations, pt.2

This case comes against a backdrop of what will be a record year for automotive recalls, and questions of the quality of supervision provided by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over the auto manufacturers.

Missouri same-sex divorces remain limbo

Divorce is a complex activity for any couple. The emotional troubles and unhappiness of what went wrong with the relationship are compounded by the complex laws and procedural requirements that govern the divorce, and that is overlaid by the particulars of each couple's situation.

Missouri acts to ban certain highway guardrail installations

Missouri has banned the new installations of certain guardrail heads in the state because of a defect they claim makes the guardrail act like a "spear" that can lead to serious injuries of vehicle occupants in the event of their crashing into the guardrail. This week, two additional states joined the ban, with seven states now prohibiting their use.

What is tax fraud and how does the IRS define it?

If you're like a lot of people here in Missouri, then much of you legal knowledge has probably come from discussions you have had with other people or from television shows you watch. But even though some of this legal knowledge may be sound, the same cannot be said for everything you have heard, which can create misunderstandings on occasion when facing criminal charges.

Was the road negligent?

Car accidents often occur for many of the typical reasons. Drunken driving remains a significant cause for thousands of car and truck crashes. Other types of negligence are frequently manifested by speeding, weaving in and out of lanes and similar reckless behavior.

'Gone Girl' highlights false rape claims and the harm they cause

It's because of false accusations that discussing rape has always been a sensitive subject in our society. As a society, we don't want to assume that all accusations of rape or false; but on the other hand, we know that false accusations can and do happen in this country and even in our state.

Truck failed to brake or turn for 800 feet during deadly crash

Truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. The driver may be intoxicated or on drugs. For accidents involving a long-haul truck driver, who often are traveling coast-to-coast, there is always a concern for fatigue, as truckers attempt to meet very tight delivery deadlines while dealing with bad weather, road construction and other traffic delays.

Child support guidelines under review

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the issue of child support payment and custody arrangements in many states, including Missouri. There are many "father's rights" organizations working nationwide to make changes to how states allocate custody and child support obligations.

Missouri man pleads guilty to embezzlement, sentenced 70 months

When you are given access to a company's funds by someone of authority at that company, there is a trust that you will use those funds for the betterment of the company. If you misappropriate those funds and use them for personal use though, you not only break this trust but you will be doing something that is considered illegal in every state, including here in Missouri.

Has NHTSA become the auto manufacturer's lapdog?

We often believe because an entity exists, a problem is solved. Because there is a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), many presume that someone is watching out for us, the consumer and driver of motor vehicles. We trust that when a vehicle is sold with a five-star crash rating from NHTSA, that it is safer than a vehicle with a three-star or no star rating.