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November 2014 Archives

Deadly car accidents caused by winter weather

Winter arrived in Missouri last week with a deadly swipe, leaving eight people dead in car accidents, the majority of which were weather-related. As we return to cold weather and the threat of snow and icy roads means we all have to slow down and exercise additional care.

Equal time or a well-constructed parenting plan?

Child custody is almost always a difficult topic in a Missouri family court. After all, what is the "best interests" of the child? Each parent may have an idea, but given the environment of a divorce, they may not coincide. And the judge has only the information provided by the parties to base his or her opinion.

Synthetic marijuana caused driver to fall asleep and crash

A woman was arrested last week in Columbia after a car accident where she hit two other vehicles and injured a total of five people. Fortunately, the injuries were minor, but it could have been far worse, as two of the passengers were children, ages 2 and 5.

Can police seize my property even if I'm not accused of a crime?

Imagine for a moment that your spouse has taken the family vehicle to the local bar to have a few drinks with friends. Believing that they are good to drive, your spouse leaves the bar and proceeds to drive away. But mere blocks from the bar, your spouse is pulled over by police who witnessed your spouse leaving the bar and are now accusing him or her of drunk driving.

What is "substantial change" for a child support obligation?

According to the Missouri legislature, the necessary change in circumstance must be "so substantial and continuing as to make the terms unreasonable." But, as they save on TV, wait, there's more. In order to determine if the change is substantial and continuing, a court must look a several factors.

Jardines v. Florida: the case that reigned in drug-sniffing dogs

Throughout the history of the United States there have been a number of court cases that have captured the nation's attention because they raise important legal questions that are applicable in just about every state. Some of them you may be able to cite off the top of your head even though you may not have a legal background.