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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Okay, you probably will not consider your divorce as a "best of times." But, you should remember, that as frightening and disorienting as it may be, it is something that happens all of the time.

And what is more, your divorce attorney has witnessed many, many couples and heard the complaints and the bizarre behavior and activities of other spouses. And they can probably tell stories of situations that may truly qualify as the worst of times.

But they won't be disoriented or flustered. That is why you are paying them. They understand what is going on and will explain it so you, too, can understand. Your former spouse may be difficult to work with, especially in the heat of the divorce proceedings, but with the help of your divorce attorney, and your friends you can get through this.

Remember, there is a vast difference between a threat and a court order. And that with a divorce, especially with children, working together, even if you are not particularly fond of your child's other parent, is necessary, because while a divorce will end your relationship as husband and wife, it does nothing to change the parental relationship.

Working to ensure that the child custody and child support elements of your divorce really are in the best interests of the children can be difficult. It demands that you set aside your emotional dislike or disinterest in your spouse and focus on what will give your children the best experience possible given the divorce.

Tension and conflict are the most damaging elements of a failing relationship. They create terrible stress for the children, and with a divorce and a viable parenting plan in place, you can move forward to concentrate on your future and bring welcome stability to your relationship with your children.

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