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December 2014 Archives

Looking at statistics for fatal motor vehicle accidents

It is true that the vast majority of the car accidents in Missouri do not result in fatalities, but it is still worth breaking down the fatal crash statistics to see how often they occur and who is most likely to be hurt. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps careful track of all of these statistics, and their data can shed a lot of light on how things transpire.

U.S. Supreme Court case weighs in on search and seizure laws

If you're a follower of criminal defense cases like we are, then you know how often disputes arise in the courtroom about the interpretation of the Fourth Amendment. As many of you know, the Fourth Amendment "protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government." A violation of this right precludes evidence from being used at a criminal trial.

Car crash kills father and son on their way to Missouri

A man and his young son were leaving Texas, heading back to their home in Missouri, when they were involved in a car accident. Both the father and the son passed away, and reports show that they died at the crash site. The man was just 28 years old, and his son was 2 years old.

Planning for the holidays after a divorce

With Christmas and the end-of-year holidays coming up fast, many people are feeling the stress of the season. For those in the midst of divorce, or recently divorced, that stress may be even more intense. With the relentless cheer of advertising contrasting with your emotions, the disconnect can be painful.

How technology could help you avoid multiple DWIs

Here in Missouri, as is the case in many other states, any DWI conviction after your first becomes increasingly harsher, oftentimes leading to longer sentences and more severe penalties. Most drivers do not want to incur subsequent DWIs after their first because they know that these DWIs become felonies on their record, affecting everything from their freedom to their ability to drive.

How much do you know about divorce and Social Security benefits?

Recently released studies have shown how the number of so-called gray divorces -- meaning those involving baby boomer couples -- are now on the rise thanks to fundamental shifts in our nation's longstanding social patterns. While it's certainly heartening to see these older people work up the courage to exit an unhappy marriage, it's nevertheless extremely important for anyone planning this step to understand that they have unique financial considerations that must be accounted for in any divorce.

Hair brushing in a car could be distracted driving

Driving is an activity that requires many skills. We have to be alert and paying active attention to the traffic and road conditions in front of our vehicle. We have to watch our mirrors and peripheral view on either side of our vehicle and we have to have the understanding of how to physically control our vehicle, from knowing the stopping distance to knowing how to recover from a skid.

Even if the divorce rate is declining, you may still need one

The divorce rate causes a great deal of concern for some people. Politicians are always discussing it, and often attempting to pass laws that they hope may lower it, like Missouri's neighbor to the southwest, Oklahoma, which has enacted laws that enforce a waiting period, apparently in the hope that the couple will reconsider their divorce.

Legal issues of inventing a breath test to detect drugs - Part II

In one of our blog posts last week we brought to our Missouri readers' attention the fact that scientists are currently looking into a new way of detecting if a driver is impaired by drugs.  As you may remember from the post, a chemistry professor from Washington State University believes that it's possible to adapt a Breathalyzer device to detect THC rather than alcohol.  And if researchers are successful, then this device could become a regular tool for law enforcement across the nation.

Are you getting enough sleep before getting behind the wheel?

According to the Mayo Clinic, adults need between seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to numerous short-term and long-term health problems. Additionally, insufficient amounts of sleep have been proven to adversely affect judgment and reaction time and thereby increase the likelihood that an individual will either cause or be involved in a workplace or motor vehicle accident.

Divorce and your estate: do you have a plan for your plan?

Most educated people will tell you that you should update your estate plan after any major life event such as after marriage, having a child, the death of a loved one and yes, even after divorce.  But if you're like a lot of our Missouri readers, estate planning may be the last thing on your mind when going through the divorce process.  After all, you have enough on your plate.  Why should you concern yourself with your will when you need to be focusing your energy of dissolving your marriage and moving on with your life?

Missouri car accident causes serious injuries

There are many good Samaritans in the world -- people who are willing to stop and help a stranger simply out of the goodness of their heart. Unfortunately, one man in Missouri suffered serious injuries when he stopped to help another man, who was also injured. Police have now accused a woman of driving under the influence as a result of the accident that injured the men.

Legal issues of inventing a breath test to detect drugs - Part I

News of a new breath test that could detect the presence of THC, the chemical found in marijuana that causes impairment, is spreading across national news outlets, causing law enforcement agencies and criminal defense advocates to consider what impact this could have on the nation, especially when it comes to criminal charges for driving under the influence of drugs.