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February 2015 Archives

Bigger isn't better if you are smaller

Pickup trucks are large. You may assume that is a function of their function. They are designed to haul heavy loads and pull very heavy trailers. Of course, they are large. But do they really need to be as large as they are? Consider we built the Interstate highway system and went to the moon before 1970. Pickup trucks then were not much larger than some cars, and probably smaller than some that were sold in that period.

Missouri same-sex divorce case goes back to lower court

Court procedure can sometimes be maddening to participants. Court rules tend to be very technical and in some cases draconian. If you have a 30-day deadline to respond to a motion and you file your response on the 31st day, your case could be dismissed and your right to litigate the matter permanently ended.

Winter returns to close schools and cause accidents in Columbia

Winter returned to Columbia and Central Missouri last weekend, causing car accidents and school closings. The University of Missouri was closed on Monday, as did some of the other colleges in the area. Ironically, one local school district that had been planning on being open despite the President's Day holiday to make up for a previous snow day, was forced to take a snow day for their snow day.

Do you know how divorce settlement works?

During your divorce, you may encounter numerous parts of the process that you may not fully understand. You trust your attorney is doing a competent job representing your interests and you may feel you do not have to understand all of the legal minutia and "inside baseball" discussions to obtain a fair and equitable divorce settlement.

Should Missouri continue enforcing the death penalty?

As some of our readers may or may not know, Missouri reinstated the death penalty in 1977. Between 1989 and 2012, our state executed 68 inmates, many of whom had been convicted of murder. Recently, a man by the name of Walter T. Storey was added to this list when he was executed this month for a 1990 murder.

Missouri's dangerous bridges will eventually go away

Ever wonder how many highway bridges exist in Missouri? Unless you work for the Missouri Department of Transportation, or one of their contractors, you probably haven't. While there are a few bridges that because of their history or design, like the Clark Bridge at West Alton, or the historic Eads Bridge, in St. Louis, most drivers cross thousands of bridges every day and never notice.

Are you addicted to texting?

Two Missouri high school students are working to raise money to bring a distracted driving simulator to their high school. They both attended a distracted driving summit last year in Washington, D.C., where they were able to use a simulator and experience just how fast a car accident can occur when the driver is distracted by an activity like texting.

A look at why lowering the legal limit might be bad

Even though we all know it's wrong, drunk driving continues to be a problem across the nation. There are two competing thoughts though as to why drunk driving continues to be an issue. Those who are against drinking and driving say that it's the law's fault because it doesn't give harsher punishments to repeated offenders. Criminal defenders, though they may agree that it's the law's fault, believe instead that the law is too harsh and does not offer treatment programs that could offer redemption instead of continued incarceration.

How do you measure fair?

If marriage is seen as the melding of two lives into one, then a divorce is all about division. The dividing of those two lives yet again and leaving them two, independent lives. And depending on the situation, this can be easy or difficult. During this division, whether it involves the children, the family home or their investment accounts, it is expected that the ending result is fair.