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March 2015 Archives

Divorcing for the sake of your children?

When people discuss divorce between parents, the first thought is often, "But what about the children?" This is a natural impulse, and the aspects of child custody or the parenting plan, cost of child support, and the determination of where the children will live have a large role in the ultimate divorce settlement.

Is it a crime to fake a signature on sports memorabilia?

Say you have a jersey of your favorite sports star. As is, it's worth about as much as you paid for it. But if the jersey were to contain the signature of that player, it would be worth a lot more because it'd be considered a collectible. Knowing this, would you ever consider faking the signature of the player in order to make your jersey worth more money?

What causes jackknifing and how we can help you file a claim

All tractor-trailer accidents have the potential to cause serious damage. Jackknifing accidents, however, are some of the most destructive. At Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer in Columbia, Missouri, our attorneys have decades of combined experience protecting victims of jackknifing accidents. We not only understand why they happen, but we also have the knowledge and skills to help you seek compensation after the fact.

Recall of exploding Jeep gas tanks viewed as inadequate

Last year saw a record number of vehicle recalls from automakers. As troubling at that statistic was, equally troubling were two of the recalls, which had been percolating for almost a decade and yet failed to prompt much of a response from either the carmakers or their regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Helping your children through divorce with strong co-parenting

Many parents in Missouri who have gone through a divorce know that splitting up is not always easy on children. Adjusting to a new routine and a new home life takes time and often comes with obstacles. As parents, however, there are few things you may be able to do to help your children through this transition.

Take your divorce one step at a time

During a divorce, things can become confused and overwhelming. You may find yourself feeling somewhat out of control and this alone, excusing the worries over your children and your financial future, could be disconcerting. But you have all of those other worries, in addition to the emotional pain and general feelings of disorientation in your life.

140,000 traffic accidents just in Missouri

Many drivers can have a long and uneventful history of operating a motor vehicle. You probably know someone who has driven for decades without even a fender bender. It may be attributed to some who are skilled at driving, and have used those skills to avoid situations that would have caused a lesser driver to crash.

How does child custody affect taxes?

The deadline to file your taxes is less than a month away. As we get closer to April 15, some Missouri parents who divorced last year may be wondering how their child custody arrangement factors into their federal tax returns. In today's post, we will help you begin to understand who can claim the children as dependents and what benefits that person may receive.

How false memories can lead to a wrongful conviction

Most people would consider criminal charges to be an incredibly troubling thing to face because they know that their freedom could be at stake if they are convicted of committing a crime. Most people also know that wrongful convictions do happen across the nation, oftentimes leaving a person labeled as a criminal even though they have done nothing wrong.

If my spouse cheated, are assets still split evenly in divorce?

Many divorces in Missouri are caused in part by infidelity. However, even if adultery is the reason for your divorce, it does not necessarily mean a judge will take it into consideration when approving your divorce settlement. 

Potential changes to the Missouri criminal code expected in 2017

Did you ever vote for a politician because they promised to make changes you thought would greatly benefit the community or state? Most people do. But have you ever stepped back and considered how these legislative promises affect the functionality of existing statutes? Probably not, unless you have needed to defend yourself against criminal charges.

Should 1980 truck liability insurance amounts increase?

A lot of things have changed since 1980. Jimmy Carter was president. The first space shuttle had yet to be launched. Apple computer had just introduced a new model, the Apple III, there was no such thing as an IBM PC or a "minivan," and the Cardinals still played football in St. Louis, while the Rams played in Los Angeles.

They are always your children

Divorce is difficult for children. Young children do not really understand why mommy and daddy are not living together. Older children may not really understand, and they can get the wrong idea as to why their parents are divorcing. But it is not really the divorce that is difficult. The legal separation of two lives is unintelligible for most children, but they don't really need to understand that.

To prenup or not to prenup? It is a good question

There are few more sensitive topics in family law than that of a prenuptial agreement. As its name suggests, it occurs prior to the nuptials, and yet its topic is the division of assets as a result of a divorce. This is conceptually a difficult idea to wrap one's head around, but that difficulty pales in comparison to the difficulty of emotionally comprehending dividing and protecting your assets before you promise to remain married "'til death do you part."

Identity theft and false returns carry serious consequences

Did you know that in 2014, the average sentence for an identity theft conviction rose from 34 months to 48 months? Did you also know that the incarceration rate for such crimes also rose between 2013 and 2014 by 7.1 percent? These increases occurred because the federal government is taking a tougher stance on identity theft, a white collar crime that experts say affects thousands of Americans each year.

Slippery roads cause massive, chain-reaction crash in Missouri

The interstate highway system has helped transform America. The backbone of the transit system allows the coast-to-coast movement of goods within days. And it makes it possible to take road trips with relative ease and safety. The interstates are multi-lane, divided  highways, which helps minimize head-on collisions. They are controlled access, with bridge interchanges eliminating many of the turns and stops that lead to crashes on two-lane highways.