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Missouri Senate approves bill to forgive child support debt

There is no doubt that some people have trouble paying child support. Job loss, health issues and other factors can make it difficult for some parents to make ends meet.

Earlier this week, the Missouri Senate approved a bill that would forgive a portion of child support debt owed to the state. If the bill is passed into law, noncustodial parents could have up to $2,000 of their child support debt eliminated if they agree to participate in parenting courses or job training.

Custodial parents in Columbia and Boone County who are owed child support may be concerned by this bill. It is important to note that the bill would not forgive debt owed to custodial parents -- only debt that is owed to the state directly because the state played a role in supporting the children.

According to KY3, at least one senator is hopeful that the program will not only encourage noncustodial parents to play a bigger role in their children's lives, but also help these individuals pursue the financial stability they need to meet their child support obligations.

Child support is an extremely important part of ensuring the well-being of children throughout Missouri. Giving noncustodial parents the resources they need to obtain steady employment and stronger parenting skills may be beneficial for their children in the long run. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see whether this bill becomes law.

What do you think of this bill? Do you think it will help children in Missouri?

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