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Take your divorce one step at a time

During a divorce, things can become confused and overwhelming. You may find yourself feeling somewhat out of control and this alone, excusing the worries over your children and your financial future, could be disconcerting. But you have all of those other worries, in addition to the emotional pain and general feelings of disorientation in your life.

How to avoid that? It is not easy, as self-doubt and uncertainly are closely associated with the process of divorce. But this is where your divorce attorney and other professionals can help. By knowing which professional to rely on for each service is key and can help reduce some of the "overwhelming-ness" of the divorce process.

Working with your attorney, you can deal with the legal aspects of the divorce. If you are having true psychological issues with the process, rather than running up additional legal fees by using your attorney as a therapist, working with a licensed therapist or divorce coach will be more effective.

Additionally, if you have a complex financial situation and issues business valuation, sophisticated retirement and investment accounts and there is a risk of hidden business profits or other assets, you may need a forensic accountant or other financial professional, to work with your divorce attorney to assemble an accurate division of marital assets.

Because one of the symptoms of being overwhelmed is the inability to separate things, the more you are able to compartmentalize each piece of your divorce, the less overwhelming it will seem and they greater your ability to make reasoned, informed decisions.

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