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April 2015 Archives

FBI admits flaws in decades of testimonies used in convictions

A few weeks ago, we started a conversation with our Columbia readers about evidence that is gathered using forensic science. Even though society as a whole might revere forensic evidence as the nail in the coffin for any criminal case, as our more frequent readers may remember from our post, new studies are pointing out the flaws inherent in the field of forensic science. These flaws, as you can imagine, result in wrongful convictions that may be difficult to appeal.

April brings a return of motorcycle fatalities in Columbia

In some more northerly states, motorcycle riding season is just beginning, but this year in Missouri some riders never put away their bikes. Unfortunately, that was demonstrated by the occurrence of motorcycle fatalities during the past few months.

Child custody and co-parenting

Child custody is the legal arrangement that you and your former spouse create during your divorce. While the divorce severs the matrimonial ties of your relationship, if you have children, it does not change your status as parent. But your status as parent means you will have a type of relationship with your matrimonial ex. It is often referred to as co-parenting.

Is it really illegal to collect an eagle feather?

Whether you're a long-time resident or just passing through, most people can't help but fall in love with the beauty that many parts of Missouri has to offer. According to stateparks.com, our state boasts 54 state forests and 72 state wildlife areas, which offer tourists and residents alike a chance to take in nature's beauty.

Study finds increased heart attack risk for woman after divorce

No one will deny that, for most, divorce is an intense and emotionally trying process. A relationship that at one time was the most important in the world for you is now to be done away with, ended. It may be ending because you were too young, you did not understand what you really needed in a spouse or that you have grown apart, leading separate lives under the same roof.

Is forensic science really as infallible as we're led to believe?

As so many of our Columbia readers know, forensic evidence can have a very significant impact on any criminal case. Many people around Missouri and across the United States consider this type of evidence to be perfect -- infallible. Oftentimes, when it is presented during trial, people take the scientist's word -- and their evidence -- at face value. Rarely ever do people question whether or not the evidence could be misleading or worse, entirely faulty.

Could you be convinced you committed a crime that never happened?

“You need attorney immediately” is not just a marketing tool for criminal defense lawyers. It is a warning that anyone charged with a crime must heed. The need arises well before prosecutors have filed formal charges against you. It arises the moment that you suspect you are under investigation for a crime.

Roles during a divorce

It's important during a divorce to remember the roles all of the parties play. As a spouse, your role is to decide the direction you want to take, and work with your professionals to achieve that goal. Your professionals can all provide important advice and counsel during your divorce, but you have to ask the right questions of the right professionals.

How distracted is your teen in the car?

There are some things in life, where you suspect that something is bad, but you don't have specific evidence that supports your suppositions. Distracted driving is one of those things. We all notice other drivers on their cellphones and we suspect that many car accidents are triggered by these drivers.

Facing a drug charge? Get help from a Missouri defense attorney

Most of you have read or heard about a criminal case in which a person received a lengthy sentence for possessing or trafficking drugs. Many times, this happens because of strict state and federal laws concerning controlled substances. In a lot of cases, a person receives a harsh sentence because of the evidence that was put forward in the case. Oftentimes, this evidence is collected over a considerable amount of time, which creates a rather damning scenario the accused must contend with.

Federal charges levied against 2 agents for alleged crimes

Most people have an idea in the heads about what a criminal should look like. For many people, they typically think of someone who has no regard for the law and partakes in illegal activities for personal gain. Unfortunately, as our regular Missouri readers know all too well, this isn't always the case. Sometimes good people make ill-fated mistakes that can end up costing them a lot more than their reputation in the end.

Were you falsely accused of a crime?

In today's society, all of us want to believe the victim when an alleged crime has occurred. However, not all accusations are true. Despite the well-known phrase, "Innocent until proven guilty," many of us will probably agree that in most cases, this simply isn't how the public or the media often view accused criminals.